Best Ways to Mix and Match Kids Fashion Styles


Shopping for your kids is one of the hardest things to do. This is because children get their sense of style after they become older. They become picky about the type of clothes to wear. Most children prefer soft fabrics because they are ideal for playing with.

It is easy to find children’s clothes online, but you should be very picky when buying them. This article will discuss some best ways to mix and match kids’ fashion styles. May it be kids streetwear or other senses of fashion, we have you sorted.

1. Have a Collection of Staples

It is advisable to have a collection of bare essentials to help you mix the child’s fashion. You can do this by buying leggings if it is a girl. Remember, leggings go with almost everything.

The child can put them on during cold days to stay warm. You can also go for jogger pants if the child is a smart boy. This is because you can match these pants with all types of tops. You should make sure you buy quality clothes because it is easy to match them.

Fashionable Kids Colorful Outfits Umbrella

2. Consider Color Schemes

You should avoid limiting yourself to clothes with a neutral color when buying tops. It would help pair the child’s clothes with other colors if you want their outfit to be bolder.

However, it would help if you had a limit of three colors per outfit to remain decent. Experimenting is great, but when hues or prints clash, it doesn’t look pleasant to the eye.

3. Buy Only Neutral Colors

It is advisable to buy clothes with neutral colors to help you mix and match a child’s clothes. You can also go for denim jackets because they go along with most outfits.

You can also let the child put on a fun shirt if they are rocking solid bottoms.

It would help if you bought children’s clothes from trusted stores to ensure they are correctly made.

Stylish Kids Clothes Collage

4. Buy Separates

Your child will have a lot of flexibility if you buy separates. This move will give you a variety of options because there will be a few different options.

Ensure you buy these clothes from trusted sources to make sure they are of the best quality.

5. Be Creative

It is advisable to let the child express their personality and style. You can achieve this by being creative. Just because you think a particular outfit does not match does not mean the same for the kid. You should find fun in mixing these outfits; thus, you should not take the activity seriously.

Your child will be more responsible if you give them a chance to pick what they want to wear. Remember, children love picking their outfits as you do.

6. Make a Statement Always

It would help if you let your child make a statement for themselves with fun accessories or shoes. However, you should ensure the color is matching and is not clashing with their outfit.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the correct outfit for your child is a complex task. However, the above tips will make the work easier.

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