Models: Top Fashion Faces of Today

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Supermodel Kendall Jenner. Photo: BAKOUNINE /

In today’s dazzling fashion world, models strut their stuff down the runway like peacocks, showing off the latest trends and designs. These breathtaking beauties come from all over the world, reflecting our wonderful diversity. Our page lists the top fashion faces of today.

One of the most exciting things about today’s fashion models is their unique individuality. They’re not just tall and slender anymore; they’re proudly short or plus-size or have freckles and tattoos! From Black models to Asian models, this fresh wave of inclusivity has brought a breath of fresh air to the fashion industry.

Many of these fabulous beauties use social media to connect with their fans, offering a peek behind the scenes of their glamorous lives. These models are more relatable than ever, from sharing their workout routines to their favorite makeup tricks. Discover our list of industry stars below.