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About This Site

Fashion Gone Rogue was created in 2008 to highlight editorials, campaigns and fashion models. Since then it has gone on to cover other facets of the industry including news, collections, shopping and celebrity style. Through the years, Fashion Gone Rogue has also been featured in the pages of Industrie, Elle Mexico, Vogue China, Foam Magazine and other notable publications.

How can I submit my work?

We are happy to highlight works. However, we can not guarantee that work will be featured or receive a response due to the large amount of submissions we receive. If you think your work belongs on the site, use this email.

The ideal size for submissions is 800 pixels wide. Convert your images for the web (colors may shift if not converted correctly) as RGB. Include team credits:
For Editorials
Publication Name (please specify country, if it has multiple editions) & Issue Date:
Additional credits:

For Lookbooks/Campaigns
Additional credits:
Please also include a press release or inspiration for the collection if sending a lookbook.

General Questions

What email should I send general inquiries to?
Use this email for all general inquiries.

Who is Fashion Gone Rogue ran by?
FGR was created by its founder Joanna in 2008 and has regular contributions by others.

Where do images come from?
Images come from a variety of sources, ranging from sourced blogs and forums to images received directly from the source, whether it is a photographer, stylist or modeling agent, etc.

How should I source the site?
A link to the Fashion Gone Rogue homepage will suffice.

Why should I source the site?
While it is not apparent, it takes a lot of time to gather and edit images, from coloring and cropping to the actual uploading and posting. Source links are greatly appreciated.

But do you source?
Images are always sourced with a working link. If a set of images are not sourced, the images came directly from the photographer, stylist, label’s website, etc.

What is Fashion Gone Rogue’s Comment Policy?
All visitors to the site are welcomed to express their thoughts/feelings on the work featured. However, comments will be removed if they do the following:

Ad Hominem attacks
Use of excessive caps lock
Racist, homophobic or sexist remarks
Going off topic
Enlisting spam or solicitation (one link to your site in a signature is acceptable, two or more is excessive)

How did the site begin?
Fashion Gone Rogue was created as the female alternative to The Fashionisto.

How can I advertise on the site?
Send an email and we will send our media kit with rates.

Unless solicited, any addition to mass emailing lists will be automatically removed and/or marked as spam.