5 Things to Avoid When Maintaining Your Wardrobe

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Yes, maintaining your clothes is as equally as important as buying quality. You’ve heard at least once how someone shrunk their favorite pants or ripped a new t-shirt. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, try avoiding these things:

1. Overwashing Clothes

Overwashing your clothes can cause multiple changes in your clothes. The material can get loose and stretch out. The colors can become dull and bleed out to your other garments. Use a gentle cycle on your washing machine to avoid any physical damage. Another good tip is to turn your clothes inside out before throwing them in.

Different items require different amounts of cleaning. It would be best if you washed jeans less frequently than, for example, t-shirts and blouses. Some things you can also hand-wash if they’re too delicate for the machine. It’s easy, and it only takes a little bit of your time and soap. Most importantly, pay attention to the care labels. It may seem obvious, but they contain information on how to wash them and at what temperature.

If you have a particularly delicate item, you can always hire a laundry service to ensure your clothes are properly taken care of. Today, these types of services are readily available. Some even offer a scheduled pick-up, such as this company that does laundry in Hoboken, picks up your items, takes care of them, and brings them back to your doorstep. 

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2. Washing Clothes Improperly

Washing clothes doesn’t mean throwing them in the machine—many other factors matter. The amount of detergent and fabric conditioner you should use and whether you should use them will depend on the type of clothes you’re washing. 

For example, you want to avoid washing athletic clothing with fabric conditioner because it can cause a film to form on top, consequently locking in any dirt or odor. If you add too much detergent, your clothes may look worse than before cleaning. Too much can lead to build-up that won’t rinse out as quickly in spots like the cuffs and seams.

3. Drying All Your Clothes in the Dryer

While it is a quick and easy way to finish your laundry day, the heat from the dryer can cause damage to the fibers in the material, tear down the buttons, cause rips and even shrink clothes if too hot. Instead, you can buy a drying rack or a clothesline. The clothes will air out and have fewer wrinkles on them after drying all the way. 

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4. Ironing Incorrectly

Ironing your clothes is essential to elevate your look and make you feel more put-together. However, an iron can be dangerous if you don’t use it properly. If you’ve got the wrong setting on, you can easily burn through your clothes, so be careful before you start. Ensure your iron is cleaned after each use because a dirty iron can leave marks on your clothing and possibly ruin it permanently. 

A safer option is using a steamer instead of an iron. It should get rid of wrinkles as easily as an iron. Still, steamers have their own rules of usage. It would help if you didn’t make contact with the fabric. Instead, hold it at a distance. Avoid steaming too close to the seams, as that can cause them to blow. 

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5. Storing Clothes the Wrong Way

You should also have proper space for clothes because some fabrics require more room to breathe and not rub against each other. Don’t hang your sweaters. Heavy material like wool can stretch out over time, and the sweater will lose shape.

Invest in more quality hangers, preferably made out of wood. They are much better than wired ones that can damage your clothes after some time. It would be best if you cleaned all your out-of-season clothes before putting them away. 

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