What to Wear to Cheltenham Horse Racing Festival in 2020

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 On 10 March, the annual Cheltenham Festival gets underway in Prestbury Park, Gloucestershire. The famous Cheltenham Racecourse event marks the pinnacle of the jump season for horse racing fans, bettors, and fashion enthusiasts.

Perhaps the most famous day on the four-day slate is Ladies Day, during which women’s fashion takes centre stage among those in attendance. But how should you prepare for the big day, and what should you expect?

A most prestigious day at the races

The Cheltenham Festival is one of the most highly-anticipated events on the horse racing calendar, boasting some of the most iconic races and an extraordinary atmosphere for attendees. In 2020, the festival starts on 10 March and ends on 13 March, with Ladies Day expected to be on Wednesday 11 March.

As far as horse racing events go, www.horseracingbetting.co.uk bills the Cheltenham Festival as the highlight of the jump season, bringing in hundreds of thousands of bettors. Watching the horses and betting on race outcomes is, of course, the main draw of the event, but on Ladies Day, there’s a special fashion-oriented twist for the women in attendance.

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What to wear for Cheltenham Festival Ladies Day 2020

Starting from the ground up, footwear is quite possibly your biggest choice for Ladies Day 2020. In the name of fashion, you’ll see many attendees make the mistake of wearing elegant stilettos, but they will almost certainly struggle to make it through the day.

As detailed by www.telegraph.co.uk, you’ll want a good pair of boots with a heel for strength, comfort, and, of course, to look fashionable. At the festival, you’ll spend almost all of your time on your feet, scurrying between bookmaker stalls, the bar, and your standing area to watch the races – so comfort is key.

So, we suggest looking to a sturdy but fashionable brand like Nordstrom. We have covered their boot sales in the past at Fashion Gone Rogue, and they regularly have the perfect booties for Ladies Day, suiting the theme perfectly. Old racing colours (brown and green) are a favourite at Cheltenham, with the Hunter Original Short Back Adjustable Rain Boot looking perfect for the event if it works with the rest of your outfit.

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As for your general attire, practicality is key. At the other big Ladies Day – at Royal Ascot – you’ll see women in bright coloured dresses and big hats. But the Cheltenham Festival takes place in the middle of March, in the cold and the wind. The www.visitcheltenham.com website encourages you to wear your style with muted colours but to be practical and be prepared for the bite of the cold British weather.

Before anything else, get yourself a suitable – and fashionable – winter coat. We have already established a guide to help you find the perfect winter coat at www.fashiongonerogue.com, in which we detail that you need to find a quality product with pockets and one that leaves plenty of space for layers underneath.

The Cheltenham Festival is always a tremendously exciting event, with Ladies Day being one of the highlights of the jump season’s most prestigious gathering.

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