7 Tips That Asian Women Could Use for Best Makeup Results

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The shiny black hair and the forever young looking is something Asian women are known for, but is it the genes or the skincare routine that make the difference?

If you ask the Asian women, the chances are that they’re going to complain a lot about the sensitive skin or the sparse eyebrows. In all fairness, Asian beauty comes with a price, and taking care of it doesn’t come easy.

However, with some help from the right techniques and a lot of pf patience, the beauty we all admire from a distance is possible. Scroll down to find out what tips works for Asian women when they’re aiming for incredible results for their makeup. Maybe some of them are going to work for you as well:

1. Use the skin care products that address the delicate Asian skin

Having a good skincare routine is fundamental for the sensitive skin that the Asian skin is. You should wash the face with cleansing lotions that work for the sensitive skin, without leaving it all blotchy and red. No matter how gentle it may be, a cleansing lotion may still agitate the surface and leave it red. Use a toner for calming the skin. Many options work even without emptying your pockets.

2. Stay away from the artificial “eyelid crease.”

In case you don’t know, monolids are eyelids that don’t present the natural “crease”/”fold. Some Asian women have monolids, and one can only imagine the frustration they’re going through. Some may even go to the plastic surgeon for solving the problem.

However, many suggest that this feature is one of the many that Asian should embrace as it’s a particularity of their heritage. Not only that, Asian women shouldn’t go surgery for creating an “eyelid crease,” but they shouldn’t try to draw one either. It’s just going to look bad nine times out of ten.

Asian women should use the eyeliner instead and some eyeshadow that looks neat on monolids. A light dusting of the eyeshadow is going to do it. As for the colors, it’s best that you go with the natural tones for a pretty look.

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3. Give some volume to your eyes with liquid liner and volumizing mascara

The almond-shaped eyes of Asian women are gorgeous, but using the eyeliner the wrong way can make them look smaller. One of the most common mistakes when it comes to eyeliner is using too much of it, and following the 80s makeup trend in the bad way. As with everything in life, less means more and it’s a rule of thumb in the case of eyeliner as well.

Asian women should stick to using the black liquid liner only on the top lid. It’s a better choice than the pencil as it ensures a more durable and more intense color for the results.

Side note: What’s the story with the Asian lashes?

Asian women struggle with short and straight lashes. Wearing fake lashes is a solution, but it’s not one to use for every single day of your life.

Asian women have a real tough time while lengthening their lashes. The Asian lashes are short, downward oriented, and stubborn, which makes them almost impossible to keep a curl. Even if many mascaras are promising to improve their appearance, only some of them deliver. Here’s what to look for in a mascara when you’re an Asian woman:


As you want to give the Asian lashes curl and length, waterproof mascara is always the better choice. It’s going to maintain the lashes in the desired shape for a long time.

Lengthening ability

As Asian lashes are short, you should always look for a mascara that lengthens the lashes, making the eyes appear fuller and more prominent.

Natural formula

Due to the sensitivity of skin in Asian women, you should look for a mascara that is made with natural ingredients. The formula isn’t going to irritate the eyes, and it’s a good match for all types of skin.

A good brush

Dense and thick bristles on the brush are going to give volume to the Asian lashes. As length is just as important as the volume, Asian women should look for a brush with well-spaced bristles. Any of the two types of brushes are going to benefit the Asian lashes. When applying mascara with a brush with long hairs, the risk of clumping is going to be lower.

Asian women (and anyone dealing with short and sparse lashes) should never skip the curler before applying mascara. A good eyelash curler can work wonders for the Asian eyelashes. You should also follow it by using the mascara right away for obtaining excellent results.

4. Don’t forget about the eyebrows! look for a dark brown filler

Unfortunately for Asian women, eyebrows are rather thin too, rending the Asian women to concentrate on the eyebrows as well. Truth be told, tattooing the eyebrows can work also, but many may not have the means or guts to do it. If that’s the case for you, look for some eyebrow filler products instead. Stay away from black as it’s going to look too harsh against the light Asian skin; medium and dark brown are going to work better. Eyebrow powder are also a solid choice, but you should develop the skills for it.

Here’s a tip when working on the eyebrows! Use an angled eyebrow brush, running it under some water. Continue with dabbing it in a dark brown eyeshadow color, taking time for filling the sparse areas.

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5. Use the right color brush and master the contouring

Small and flat facial features are another issue that some Asian women have to deal with. Creating angles and lines on the face is going to give a pleasant definition. It’s better for Asian women to use a more nude and muted color for contouring, avoiding as much as possible any peach/coral-colored blushes. They should only apply the blush on the apples of the cheeks, all the way up towards the temples. The contouring should continue with the definition near the chin, right along the jawline.

6. Find the best bright “red” lipstick

If there’s one single thing that ALL Asian women can pull of any given day, that would be the red lipstick. A solid red tone is going to combine unusual with the golden Asian skin and the dark hair. Asian women should stay away from the coral or peach lipsticks, as the colors don’t complement the Asian skin tones.

7. Never skip on the sunscreen

It doesn’t matter how old you are. As an Asian woman, you should start applying sunscreen…yesterday. The risk for hyperpigmentation in the case of Asian skin is high. Sunspots and freckles are pretty standard for Asian people, and using a good sunscreen is going to reduce the risk for their appearance in the first place. A sunscreen with 30SPF is going to be a solid choice. You want one that is lightweight and dries fast. After a certain age, Asian women can also use skin lightening products for making the sunspots less visible.

One last recommendation

Soy is a traditional solution for brightening the skin, evening out the redness of Asian skin, and Chinese people have been using it only for a couple of thousands of years. You may even your Asian skin tone with an exfoliator formulated with soy extract. Continue with a good moisturizer that is specially formulated for Asian skin. Gentian, wild yam, and Rhodiola are also natural ingredients to look for in a moisturizer as they benefit the delicate Asian skin.

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