New Casinos and Dress Code

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Pre-corona virus saw many of us enjoying a night out with friends or family at one of the many great casinos in the UK. There was nothing quite like dressing up and perhaps going for a meal and a few cocktails before hitting our local casinos.

The dress code for many land-based casinos has relaxed over the years, although certain aspects of clothing are frowned upon, like flip flops or very casual wear. Few land-based venues still require a particular dress code, so it was always wise to call the casino if this wasn’t known before a visit.

Since the lockdown caused by covid19, all land-based casinos, and other companies within the hospitality industry are still unable to resume regular business, and this has led to many players seeking out their casino fix online, and playing online means that players do not have to think about what they are going to wear as they are staying at home.

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How to Find the Best Online Casino

You only have to type in ‘online casino’ into your search bar to see how many new online casinos are arriving on our pages daily, and this can make choosing one that suits your tastes rather daunting. Where to start, and who to trust?

Luckily, you can visit, which works in much the same way as an online comparison site would for a new car or home insurance. If you have bought anything from an online site (both goods and services), there has probably been a comparison site you can visit to check out its quality.

Identity Theft and Fraud

No one can be safe online; unfortunately, there is that criminal element who would be only too happy to steal your personal information, including bank details, to use for their gains. However, there are tips and tricks you can use to ensure that wherever you visit online, you will remain safe and secure; utilizing a site like is one of those things you can do to help yourself stay safe.

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Why Use an Online Casino Comparison Site?

Simply put, a site like gathers together only the best of new online casino sites, providing in-depth reviews of all the most critical aspects of the new site and why it has been included on their pages.

Points such as whether the new online casino holds a current gambling license or whether it is using the latest encryption codes to keep players’ personal information safe and secure will be checked.

  • Software providers will be noted that only the industry’s major players are included.
  • Any new online casino will be checked to ensure that it is tested and found to be accurate and fair.
  • Bonuses and promotional offers will be checked to make sure that it’s not only new players who are getting a great deal but that existing players are also treated well.
  • Game choices will be reviewed to make sure that the choice is made up of popular games and include progressive games and live games.
  • Any new online casino site should be playable over all the platforms to appeal to everyone, and this will be checked out and noted.
  • There should not be any hidden small print within a new online casino, nor should it be non-transparent or contain a lot of jargon. If a new online casino is found to be full of jargon, then it will not make it onto the pages of
  • The new site under consideration should also be easy to contact, have a comprehensive set of useful information and news pages, and boast a friendly yet professional customer support team.

Only when all the boxes have been ticked will any new online casino site make it onto the pages of, which means that when you read a review from them, you know that you are going to be able to make a great choice based on their years of expertise in the industry.

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