Love Espresso? Here Are Some Ways To Make It At Home

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Coffee is a versatile beverage that many people drink every single day some of us actually need to about daily routines. If you leave your house in the morning you may witness long queues of individuals ready to start their work waiting in line for the first coffee of the day.

The smell of coffee in the morning is delicious which makes going to a coffee shop a unique experience. Coffee shops usually hire expert baristas who can make you a delicious drink. In addition to this, you have a variety of plays that you can choose from.  Going out for coffee can be expensive if you do this regularly and it may also be a reason that you are late sometimes in the morning. You may think that you have to go out to get the best coffee, however, this is not necessarily true. There are ways you can make tasty coffee at home without the need for a professional. This article will suggest some ways to make espresso at home so that you can enjoy this every single day anytime without leaving the house.

Fresh Coffee Beans

Firstly, you must buy fresh coffee beans. It is a known fact that coffee tastes best when used within days of being roasted. The best way to ensure you are getting the freshest coffee beans is to ensure that you buy from a local roaster as you need it. Buying it in bulk from the supermarket is not the best idea because constant exposure to bright light brings out the worst flavors in the coffee. Coffee beans packaged by quality-conscious roasters and sold in sturdy, vacuum-sealed bags are often a better bet.

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Coffee beans need to be kept fresh to maintain their quality and flavor. To ensure this, you must always store opened coffee beans in an airtight container. Glass canning or ceramic jars or rubber-gasket seals are good in maintaining the beans’ quality. Do not refrigerate or freeze coffee beans, and do not keep them for long. Coffee beans should be used within 5 to 7 days of being roasted and always kept at room temperature.

Use The Appropriate Equipment

One of the most important things to do to make the perfect espresso at home is by investing in the right machinery. Making espresso without the proper coffee maker is not impossible but it will be significantly more difficult. The coffee mavens behind the Technivorm Moccamaster suggest that investing in a versatile piece of equipment is a smart move so that you get your money’s worth. Make sure to thoroughly browse the market, read online reviews and see what is available to you so that you can find the coffee maker that suits your needs and that will make the best espresso. 

Use Good Water

Something that people fail to consider when wanting to make good coffee is the quality of the water they use to make it. You can invest in the best coffee beans available to you and then ruin it with tap water with chlorine or off-flavors. Coffee lovers who want to make the perfect cup of coffee use bottled spring water or activated charcoal/carbon filters on their taps to ensure only the best water is used to make the coffee.

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Avoid Cheap Filters

Cheap filters produce inferior coffee; therefore, you should invest in some good quality filters, such as dioxin-free paper filters. These are sure to deliver a total quality cup of coffee.

Do not Spare the Coffee

The standard measure for making espresso of appropriate strength is two tablespoons per 6-ounce cup or about 2 3/4 tablespoons per 8-ounce cup. Using less coffee and hotter water to allow for more cups of coffee tends to reduce the quality of the coffee; therefore, if you are looking to make the perfect cup of coffee, follow the measures and do not be scared to use coffee generously.

Beware the Heat

If the water is too hot, this will extract components in the bitter coffee rather than pleasant; therefore, you should be mindful of this. The ideal water temperature for brewing the perfect cup of coffee should be 200° for about 45 seconds off a full boil. It should also be drunk immediately as coffee will not hold its flavors for long, and you should not be reheating it as it will reduce the quality of the coffee and potentially turn it bitter.

Keep Your Equipment Clean

Ensure you clean storage containers every time you buy new coffee beans and grinders every few weeks to remove any oily build-up. You should invest in coffee equipment cleaning supplies to maintain your appliances clean and ensure the best quality coffee.

If you are an espresso lover you will be pleased to know that you do not need to be a professional in order to achieve the perfect cup of coffee. Make sure to follow some of the tips discussed above to make an amazing espresso in the comfort of your own home. 

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