Is Fashion Now An Industry of Fun?

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The fashion industry has always taken itself very seriously. Regardless of how eccentric or bizarre a collection looks when it’s trotted out down the catwalk, it’s discussed by critics for the statement, artistry, and boldness. Fashion, particularly high-end, has always been wrapped in riches and fame, with the artists essentially needing a very serious space to be allowed to present whatever they deem to be art.

However, while it’s all still a very sober industry at the top, the fashionistas of the general population have become increasingly influential – particularly to the bottom line. With the advent of fast fashion, everyone has been able to buy into the latest trends for cheap. In turn, this has weakened the prestigious view of the industry in the eyes of many, opening the doors to fun.

While fast fashion is terrible for the environment and should be avoided, its impact on the industry cannot be understated. Now that people can have more fun with their style and make fun of some of the high-end showings, new popular ways of interacting with the industry have risen to the fore, where enjoyment and community take precedence over price tags and statements.

An engaged community centered on comedy

The ‘meme’ isn’t anything new, nor is it secluded to fashion circles, but it’s certainly taken the community by storm. With each major fashion label announcement comes a reaction on social media; if that announcement leaves an opening to have people poke fun at it, they surely will. Now, it’s very entertaining to be a part of the light-hearted fashion community, with comedic minds at the ready to add some fun to fashion.

The internet can be a cruel and unforgiving place from the outside, but within the various social media platforms, those pointing the finger with a chuckle are running wild. Instagram, being an image-based platform, is where many of the best fashion memes spread across the community. The simple comedic images have become so popular, in fact, that whole profiles dedicated to them have earned stacks of followers.

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The most significant right now is Diet Prada. Despite it only having 1,293 posts at the time of writing, the profile has over 2.2 million followers, and while there are looks at the more serious side, several memes and takes slip in too. Pathetic Fashion goes much heavier on the fashion memes, with each posting aiming to be humorous, and has earned over 28,000 followers from its meager 234 posts. Finally, there’s the one that is always looking to poke fun at the industry, Slow Fashion Memes, which has over 13,000 followers from just 163 posts so far.

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Having fun with fashion without the materials

One of the more recent revelations of the fashion industry, which figureheads almost certainly didn’t see coming until it was already a huge sector, was fashion gaming. Gaming has opened up to everyone thanks to the accessibility provided by mobile phones, and right now, fashion is one of the biggest genres. So-called ‘dress-up’ titles rule the scene, with the Covet Fashion app game boasting over a four-star rating across over 720,000 reviews.

It’s not just the dress-up games that have fashionistas having fun with the scene, though, with other game formats also becoming popular. Also available through mobiles, the Glam or Sham online slot game is infused with fashion. With adjustable bets and the ‘Perfect Outfit Bonus,’ it celebrates fun in the industry through classic, feature-laden slot gameplay. Some developers go a little further, taking the aesthetics of these fashion games and making them a bit more story-based, is the case with Dress up! Time Princess.

Games are specifically designed to be fun, filling time with some hands-on entertainment. While fast fashion helped to bring in a more light-hearted approach to the fashion industry, it’s memes, social media communities, and games that are cementing the industry as one that’s fun for all.

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