How to Start a Skin Care Routine From Basics

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Caressing your skin with trustable products is essential if you want the skin to look radiating and healthy. For that, you need a daily skin care routine to follow without fail. We know, it is extremely hard to figure out what is a good skin care routine that suits your skin type. So, we bring you this article on how to start a skin care routine for beginners. Even if it has been a while since you left taking care of your skin, you can resume with our simple day and night skin care routines that are truly beneficial.

Before you take a leap into the type of routine to follow, it is important to determine your skin type. Each skin type requires different products to use. We don’t want you to end up damaging your skin with wrong products.

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How to determine your skin type?

The skin types are usually classified as normal, dry, oily and combination skin. To determine your skin type among these, start by cleansing your face and let it dry. Do not apply any moisturizer to the skin. After 20 to 30 minutes, take a blotting and place it on your skin. If it becomes wet with oil, you have an oily skin.

If your T-zone or some places feels shiny and other parts of the skin feel tight or parched, it is a combination skin type. If your skin feels tight everywhere, you have a dry skin. Sever dry skinned people even develop flakes on the skin if a moisturizer isn’t applied.

If your skin doesn’t feel anything and seems fine all over, then luckily you have a normal skin.

A basic skin care routine:

Now that you have known your skin type, it is time to know how to start a skin care routine. It is not advised by dermatologists to go for a long Korean skin care routine in the beginning itself. Your skin needs to get well versed with the initial products you use. So, we suggest a basic skin care routine let’s go step by step.

Also, if a particular product you have carefully chosen doesn’t work for you the first day, don’t panic! The skin needs some time to get acclimatized with every product you use. So, apply the products daily without fail.

1. Cleansing

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Cleaning your skin to be devoid of any germs or dead cells is the primary step in your skin care routine. Irrespective of skin type, choose a mild cleanser to wash your face after you wake up as well as before going to sleep. Make sure to wash your face with lukewarm water before using cleansers.

Oily Skin: Gel cleansers are best for oily skin and this type of skin is usually acne prone. Gel cleansers sink into the skin pores and remove any dead cells that actually cause acne.

Dry Skin: Cream based cleansers are great for dry skin as they are included with oils that provide moisture to dry and sensitive skin.

Normal and combination skinned people can pick any cleanser but make sure they are made of less chemicals but more natural ingredients.

2. Using a Toner is a Must for your facial skin

After your skin is cleansed, the pores of your skin are open to receive all the other products. The toner makes the process even better. Toner doesn’t just locks your natural moisture but also helps open the pores even more. It helps in removing any dead cells that are prevalent even after cleansing. Many toners contain alcohol which can dry out the skin. So, invest in alcohol free toners that have natural ingredients like rose water.

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3. Moisturize!

Since cleansers leave your skin devoid of lipids, it is necessary to add them by moisturizing the skin. If you have dry skin, use thick cream based moisturizers that have more hydrating effects. For oily skin, go for light weight and gel based moisturizers which are oil free. If you prone to acne frequently, consult a dermatologist as they can prescribe the best one.

4. SPF is a MUST before you step out.

This is a superficial part of your skin care routine. An SPF lotion or cream acts as a shield for your skin against the UV rays from entering. Choose an SPF 15 till SPF 30 cream and apply it all over your face and hands. This prevents burning, itching and tanning of skin when you step out to remain under hot sun.


Your night time skin care must also include the first three steps exempting the fourth. Follow this routine daily to see visible results.

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