How to Get the Maximum Out of Your Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

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Despite being an inevitable process, aging, especially of the skin, can be slowed down. It will, however, be a tedious process. It will not only require you to follow religious beauty regimens, but it will also require you to make a lifestyle change, mindset shift, and commitment.

The best anti-aging products will only work if you also change your disposition. The tips below are from the trusted dermatologists who worked with different kinds of clients with varying skin problems.

Use one anti-aging product at a time.

Start your beauty regimen with a single anti-aging product. Otherwise, you run the risk of having your skin irritated. And when your skin becomes irritated, the signs of aging can be more noticeable. Most people believe that the more anti-aging products they use at one time, the more effective the results will be. This is entirely false. Aside from the irritations, the components of these skincare products might react adversely against each other, leaving your skin prone to damage.

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Test any product you want to use before applying it generously on your skin.

Even if the product claims to be hypoallergenic, it can still cause an adverse skin reaction. To see if you are not allergic to any of these products, apply a minute amount of such product to your inner forearm. Do this routine twice or thrice a day for four to five days and see the results. If your skin is free of itch, redness, and other reactions, or if it looks normal, it means it is safe to use on your face and other parts of your skin.

Avoid skin products that tingle, burn, or sting.

Skin tingling, burning or stinging only means that the product may irritate your skin. And as you already know, irritated skin usually looks older. If you use the products that are prescribed by your skin doctor and you experience any of the sensations mentioned above, ask if what you are feeling is normal. Otherwise, you will have to stop using it. There are also prescription-strength skin products that are bound to sting or burn.

Follow instructions.

There may be products that contain active ingredients that can cause skin conditions if applied beyond the prescribed dosage. This can cause excessively dry skin, blotchy skin, or clogged pores. Here, it would help if you read the instructions and only use it according to the prescribed dosage.

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Give your skin product some time to work.

No matter how potent your anti-aging product is, it will not solve your skin aging problem overnight. This means you should give time for your skin product or anti aging tool to do its magic. A skin moisturizer, for example, can plump your fine lines up within a couple of days. But it will typically take approximately six weeks before you can see visible improvements. In some cases, the changes on your skin can show in three months.

If you are using a microcurrent machine or a face roller, you cannot expect to see the results after one or two uses. Give it time and be patient. Soon, your diligence and commitment will be fruitful.

Remember that keeping your skin young, glowing, and healthy is not a one-time job. More often than not, it is a lifetime commitment that involves a lifestyle change and diligent efforts in cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing it. It may take time before you get to see visible results. However, the moment you get a glimpse of these beautiful changes, you will realize that all you did were very much worthwhile.

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