How ‘Peaky Blinders’ Inspired David Beckham’s New Clothing Line

David Beckham & Victoria Beckham at The Fashion Awards 2018
David Beckham & Victoria Beckham at The Fashion Awards 2018. Photo: Feature Flash Photo Agency /

The success of BBC smash-hit ‘Peaky Blinders’ has already achieved cult-like status in the United Kingdom and around the world, and the shows growing list of fans also includes a certain David Beckham. The former England captain was that inspired by the fashion in the show that he has dedicated a whole line of clothing to Peaky Blinders.

Beckham made the announcement at last year’s London Fashion Week, and it was met with adulation by fans. The line which has been called ‘The Garrison Tailors’, takes inspiration from all things Peaky Blinders, including the trademark caps and tweed jackets. The style in the show has created a new wave of people wearing the caps, as the show’s popularity has brought them back into fashion.

Peaky Blinders Inspired Fashion Shot 1920's

Popularity Of The Show

Peaky Blinders has been a massive hit for the BBC, with the show officially moved from BBC Two to BBC One for the most recent season. The viewing figures have increased with every passing season, and the show is no getting international audiences engaged in the United States, Canada and the rest of Europe as it is streamed on Netflix. Unlike many other BBC shows, it oozes cool and is different from anything else that we can see on British television.

It is gritty, and the soundtrack and shooting combinations have seen the show win a host of National Television Awards throughout its time on the box. Of course, the cast is also stellar, with Cillian Murphy’s portrayal of Tommy Shelby one of the best performances that there is to see on television. As well as Murphy, Peaky Blinders also has Helen McCrory, Paul Anderson and Tom Hardy as starring back-ups.

Kent & Curwen store in Hong Kong
Kent & Curwen store in Hong Kong. Photo: lentamart /

Beckham’s Bold Move

Beckham was pictured at the shooting of the fifth season, and within a few weeks, the announcement was made that his brand would be collaborating with the BBC hit on a fashion range. Kent & Curwen have already collaborated with some notable names including the Stones Roses and David Shrigley since their introduction into the fashion world in 2017.

But, this range is one that is a lot closer to Beckham’s heart. He admitted that he always loved flat peak caps as his grandad often wore them to his matches when he was a child, but his love for the show was the reason for the move in the industry. He also admitted that his son, Brooklyn has grown to love wearing the caps too, and he couldn’t see why this range wouldn’t be a success given the amount of fans that the show has around the world.

It is hard to see anything but success for Beckham’s range judging by the popularity of the show. Peaky Blinders has already enjoyed success in branching away from television with the show’s first-ever festival attracting 75,000 people interested in tickets. There is also a video game in development, while talks of a movie and musical have also been muted. The world is going crazy for Peaky Blinders, and Beckham has seized his chance.

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