Live Life on the Edge: 4 Fashion Finds to Rock Up Your Wardrobe

Photo: H&M
Photo: H&M

The fashion industry is known for breaking its own rules, with edgy new creations from top designers hitting the catwalk every year. From bold sequins to subtle pastels, this year see’s even more quirky creations hitting high street stores. However, one fashion genre which is often left without much representation is alternative fashion, including gothic, rocker and punk styles. Apart from the few trends which also work as part of alternative fashion such as the Military style jackets, chokers and combat boots, the Goths and Rockers of the last few decades have lived up to their rebellious name with alternative fashion being too out there for many designers. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t add some rock into your wardrobe, no matter what end of the style spectrum you fall on. From glamming up a pink dress with a velvet black choker to adding some black skinny jeans to a funky check shirt, incorporating edgy fashion into your wardrobe is easier than ever.  

Wardrobe Essentials; The Basic Blacks

Skinny Jeans & Skirts: Black skinny jeans are a staple of many people wardrobes, crossing fashion boundaries and being a favourite style choice among rock bands. There are many reasons for black skinnies not only breaking into the mainstream fashion world but also remaining a key part of many people’s wardrobes, and it’s not just because they look so good. Skinny jeans are a simple and practical choice for many, being so flexible and durable that they have been able to withstand the most energetic of rock gigs since their earliest incarnation back in the 1950’s. As well as using them for rockin’ out on the weekend, many employers now accept plain black jeans as a smart yet casual uniform choice for employees; adding a more relaxed element to the working day without losing the formal appearance.

Photo: Free People
Photo: Free People

Jackets & Skirts: Making a resurgence in the 2000’s and having remained an essential in many people wardrobes is the black leather jacket. Many modern designs tend to be faux leather for both ethical and financial reasons, which also happen to make them a good choice for someone looking to add a little extra flare to their wardrobe. This inexpensive jacket is practical in that it can be worn most of the year and the cropped cut of modern designs makes them flattering to most figures. It also looks great paired with skirts and dresses, which is ideal for those who want a more girly version of gothic fashion. Pair a faux leather jacket with a black skater skirt or grunge dress for a stylish yet feminine outfit. 

Photo: Urban Outfitters
Photo: Urban Outfitters

Adding some Edge; Studs, Sneakers and Silver Jewellery

Jewellery & Accessories: From delicate skull earrings to studded purses, exploring alternative accessories is a great way of incorporating edgy style into your wardrobe without going the whole nine yards. As aforementioned, chokers were a popular fashion trend which have recently resurfaced, and although they come in a variety of designs, most have a gothic undertone which make them perfect as a modern punk rock accessory. Another great advantage to using accessories to add edge to your outfits, is that they are small and affordable, with regular high street deals you such as 10 black bracelets for under £1. if you want to spend even less of accessories, you can DIY it and add some studs, skulls or distressed tears to any part of your outfit to give it an edge.  

Footwear: For those who only want the occasional boost of rebellion, coupling your favourite outfit with a pair of black, patent Dr. Martens is perfect. Although more of an investment than adding punk accessories, many footwear brands such as Vans and Dr. Martens are known for being durable and comfortable. You can also lessen the initial price by using smart ways to shop online, with sites such as Discount Promo Codes offering regular savings on Dr Martens, Vans and other alternative footwear brands. With stores such as Office you can save up to 50% on Dr Martens in the sale or go all out with alternative fashion stores such as Attitude Clothing with 70% off New Rock footwear. Unlike trendy heels and ballet pumps, most alternative footwear has strong practical elements such as warmth in colder weathers, arch support and, as you might expect given then tough exterior, is able to withstand harsh weathers and activities.

Often alternative fashion trends will surface to some extent once every few years, usually with just a hint of rebellious style such as an accessory or design which takes elements of goth or rock clothing. For many millennials, elements of alternative fashion will be nostalgic of their teen years, with black studded belts and mountains of black jelly bracelets being reminiscent of gig memories. Over the past few years however, alternative fashion has been somewhat put on the back burner, with more colourful, floral and minimalistic designs being at the forefront of fashion. However, we all need a bit of rebellion in our lives every now and then, and whether it’s a faux leather jacket or a stylish silver choker, everyone can rock up their wardrobe whilst staying true to their personal style.  

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