Essential Things To Consider Before Curling Your Hair

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Your hair is your crowning glory. How it looks can speak a lot about your personality and can influence the impression you create. People want to always look good, which is why they invest in a high-quality curling iron. This hair product is perfect for individuals who want to try out several hairstyles and don’t like committing to only one.

Knowing how to choose a curling iron for your hair can mean a great investment. This one-time purchase allows you to create numerous looks at home. For you to make the most out of this hair product, it’s important that you consider the following before curling your hair:

1. Hair Type

Any hair product you invest in should be suitable for your hair type. If you have wavy hair, don’t expect that using the same hair product as your friend who has straight hair will give you the same results. Different hair products have different effects based on the hair type of the user.

Aside from the hair product, the curl you want to achieve should be suitable for your hair type, as well. Use the internet to know about the different curls you can do today and research if your hair type can support the type of curl you want.

2. Spray First

If you want to have the most gorgeous and long-lasting curls, having a curling iron isn’t enough. You also have to invest in different hair products to ensure that your curls will stay in place for the longest time possible.

Before you heat your curling iron and use it in your hair, spray a light-hold hairspray first. Start from the roots of your hair and work your way downwards. Partition your hair to ensure that all areas are sprayed with the product.

Using a light-hold hairspray before curling can give your hair additional boost and volume. This trick can also do wonders to ensure that your curls won’t lose its bounce throughout the day. If your hair is resistant to curls, this tip can be an easy solution.

One of the most common mistakes people make is applying hair sprays only when they are done curling their hair. Doing this will only shorten the lifespan of your curls.

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3. Practice Often

For sure, you’ve already heard the maxim, “practice makes perfect.” This quote simply means that the more you practice, the more efficient you can become in doing something. When it comes to curling your hair, this maxim remains true and accurate.

If you’re going out with your friends next week and you want to try out a new hairstyle using a curling iron, spend some time practicing with your tools and appliances first. If you recently bought a curling iron and you want to achieve beachy waves, practice in front of the mirror first.

You can also use resources online that can provide you tips or use tutorial videos. If you’re leaning towards using tutorial videos, look for ones that use the same hair products like yours.

Practicing your craft might be time-consuming, but it can provide a handful of benefits. For one, knowing how to effectively use your curling iron can prevent you from burning yourself or your hair. You’ll be more knowledgeable about how long should the curler stay in your hair.

Most importantly, practicing makes it easy for you to achieve your desired hairstyle the moment you’re actually going out. Because you already know what to do with your curling iron, you won’t have to spend long hours doing your hair and end up being disappointed with how it looks.

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4. Direction Of Your Curling Iron

Sure, all curling irons have the same purpose: to curl your hair. But are you aware that how you hold your wand can affect the outcome of your curls? Even if you’re only using one type of curling iron, if you know how to hold it properly, you’ll be able to create different curls with it.

Here’s how you can hold your wand properly to create several curls:

The easiest trick you can do to achieve the perfect curls is to wrap your hair in the curling iron and letting it set in the heat for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, release your hair and use a rat tail comb to set your curly hair in place.

If you have several curling irons, don’t be afraid to use them all in achieving one hairstyle. As long as you know how to utilize all of these curling irons, different curls can create a cohesive hairstyle!  

Protect Your Hair  

You can become different persons once you’re able to properly curl your hair. However, keep in mind that this hair product can also damage your crowning glory once used excessively. Look for products that can protect your hair from the heat of a curling iron or only use the curling iron in moderation. Curly hair might look good, but keep in mind that healthy hair will never go out of style!

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