Customized Kitchen Ideas 2018

Modern Kitchen Inspiration
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Everyone wants a lovely kitchen. The family cook loves a vast open space with plenty of suitable equipment to let him or her cook great food. Moreover, this means that a good looking kitchen will attract more visitors to drop by. Let’s get rolling on to the kitchen ideas for 2018.

1. White Cottage Crème

White and Grey Kitchen
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This kitchen has lovely pearl white cabinets with some soft light hanging from the ceiling. The minute you turn on the lights the dining table will be brightened and illuminated. The island with a built-in stove brings a nice contrast to the kitchen with a grey counter top. Light grey paint on the walls complements the marriage of white and grey for the kitchen’s color scheme.  There is space for everyone sitting in the kitchen, and it is spacious–a crème kitchen with traditional cottage designs.

2. Modern White

Modern White Kitchen
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This kitchen is designed in such a way it has a minimal finish that highlights the architecture of the house. A marble white island centers the eye. Going for a modern approach to design, the kitchen includes a double oven that’s installed in the wall. Overhead lighting illuminates the kitchen and highlights its sleek, white, modern design. It’s definitely the hallmark of a luxurious cooking space. 

3. Wooden Chic

Red Wood Kitchen
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This kitchen is unique. It comprises two materials–wood and marble. The kitchen is built for storage with plenty of cabinet space. White countertops contrast against the prominent use of redwood. While the counters are narrow, there is still ample room for slicing, cooking, and washing. The kitchen manages to look modern, while still having a homey feel to it. One special feature of the kitchen is its open cabinets that have space to house pull-out baskets. 

4. Stylish Modern Style

Modern Kitchen Interior
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This kitchen manages to be modern, while still being intimate You can imagine a mother or father cooking, while their children get a head start on their homework with Cheap essays by Optimizing the kitchen’s available space, many cooking utensils hang above the stove. There are lights all over the room balancing out details like the dark wood of the kitchen table. The close proximity to the stove is positive when entertaining. You can socialize and cook.

5. Spicy Orange

Orange Kitchen
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The orange color completely brightens the room. All the cabinets, countertop, and drawers play up a bright orange color scheme while maintaining a certain taste level. The chairs bring in a silver accent with their metal backs. White cabinet handles break up the orange and brown hues as well. For someone that wants a bright interior to cheer them up, pick this design for yourself.

6. Dim Classic Brown and White

Brown White Kitchen
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On first look, it may seem like there is nothing special about this kitchen, but upon closer inspection, you will find that everything here is properly in order. The design is standard, but everything is so well organized. There is plenty of countertop space. When you’re done the cooking, you can place the food besides the burn or turn around to use the other counter. Highly versatile, in other words. The recessed lighting is practical as well. You can find even more kitchen ideas on sites like

7. King Steel

Modern Steel Kitchen
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Nothing quite says modern like silver and steel. This kitchen embraces a masculine attitude with its dark tones. It’s ultra-chic and features four hanging lamps. The countertop has a metallic sheen and perfectly complements the kitchen’s silver appliances and built-in fridge. There is no doubt that this is a luxurious kitchen with many customizations–a stylish design for an innovative owner.

These are all the best kitchen ideas for 2018. If you want to get the best idea for your kitchen, you should visit your local showroom. However, you can always go to the interior design shop with a design and ask them to quote the best price for you to renovate your kitchen.

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