Bleached Eyebrows Strike Again! Katy Perry Wears the Look


Katy’s New Eyebrows–The bleached eyebrow look has surfaced on another celebrity–this time Katy Perry. The singer posted the above image on Instagram yesterday where she rocked a barely there eyebrow look paired with green hair, long nails and baby hair. Previously, Miley Cyrus sported the bleached eyebrow look which later turned out to be for her W Magazine cover shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. Barring models on the runway and fashion shoots, are bleached eyebrows ever okay?

3 Responses to “Bleached Eyebrows Strike Again! Katy Perry Wears the Look”

  1. She’s copying so obviously the new girl – Twigs from UK. This is Twigs’ signature look and hairstyle. Seriously, why copy Twigs just like that?!

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