Katy Perry Now Has Green Hair, Could You Do the Same?

Joanna Elizabeth


Published April 8, 2014

Katy Perry with green hair. Photo: Instagram
Katy Perry with green hair. Photo: Instagram

Katy’s Green ‘Do–Earlier today, pop star Katy Perry took to Instagram and shared a new hairstyle for the new season. “Slime green for spring,” the “Dark Horse” singer and recent GQ cover star captioned the photo which shows off a short green bob. Could you see yourself sporting a green hairdo like Katy? Or maybe just stick to a pink dye like Chloe Norgaard?

Katy last week with a brunette bob. Image: Facebook
Katy last week with a brunette bob. Image: Facebook

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3 thoughts on “Katy Perry Now Has Green Hair, Could You Do the Same?”

  1. Of course we could do the same, we were doing it BEFORE Katy as young adolescents full of young rage, using our hair color as an expression of rebellion against our parents. Give me a break!

  2. I’ve died my hair pretty much every color under the sun. I tried green in high school (inspired by Ghost World) and it was my least favorite by far. It faded to nasty chlorine-green so quickly (like Katy’s almost is already) and a green tinge pervaded my hair through the next few colors.


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