Julia Frauche Has a Strange Encounter for Numéro #141 by Greg Kadel

TerminalJulia Frauche poses alongside a beast-like creature in these out of this world images photographed by Greg Kadel. Published in Numéro #141, the story takes place at an airport terminal with standout headpieces and fashion selected by Patti Wilson. The monochrome designs of Emilio Pucci, Roberto Cavalli and Ralph Lauren amongst others give Julia an eery look rivaling her companion. / Production by Ernesto Qualizza, Hair by Nicolas Jurnjack, Makeup by Kabuki

12 Responses to “Julia Frauche Has a Strange Encounter for Numéro #141 by Greg Kadel”

  1. The photography, model, fashion and location are all ace, why the STUPID monster story?!

  2. and here we are another story that reference a too current photographer ( Tim Walker ) the all story makes no sense at all to me, sorry

  3. Elizabeth Reply

    I love this! So many editorials are boring, this one is definitely not.

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