Caroline Brasch Nielsen & Madison Headrick Dominate in Greg Kadel’s Numéro #134 Shoot

The TrainerGreg Kadel captures a dark, workout inspired shoot for the June-July edition of Numéro featuring Caroline Brasch Nielsen, Madison Headrick and Robert Torres. Caroline and Madison play the dominate roles in metallic accessories and structured silhouettes from the likes of Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Lanvin and Versace styled by Elizabeth Sulcer. On beauty are hair stylist Cim Mahony and makeup artist Mariel Barrera. / Production by Ernesto Qualizza

6 Responses to “Caroline Brasch Nielsen & Madison Headrick Dominate in Greg Kadel’s Numéro #134 Shoot”

  1. Now that’s (finally) an interesting, creative, inspired, and sexy gym editorial.

  2. I Love how effortless they make it look. Superb preparations lead to superb outcomes!!! <3 the spread.  

  3. greg kadel doing steven klein…. hmmm, the result is more intresting than i would expect if we considere the lighting, location, set design and him; by the way, the styling on her is not good, a little tacky for this story in my opinion. not dramatic like it could be with klein and karl templer or even patti wilson. 

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