Emily Didonato by Miguel Reveriego for Numéro #118

Emily DiDonato continues to dominate the pages of Numéro with the November issue. Photographed by Miguel Reveriego and styled by Capucine Safyurtlu, Emily is luxe personified in sparkling gems and pieces from Fendi, Gucci and Calvin Klein.

source | tarsha @ tfs

20 Responses to “Emily Didonato by Miguel Reveriego for Numéro #118”

  1. Seriously? I thought that lipstick went out with the nu-age club heads. Guess not.
    It’s Emily Didonato and Miguel Reveriego. This could’ve and should’ve been much better.

  2. so cheap it’s sad …
    oh wow the makeup couldn’t be worse !
    looks like a bad test to me

  3. These are wonderful pictures of Emily!! It brings out a different side of her altogether!!

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