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Cameron Russell Talks Feminism, Beauty Retouching in The Edit Feature


Seeds of Change–Outspoken model Cameron Russell stars in the latest issue of Net-a-Porter’s online magazine, The Edit. Besides posing in a spring fashion feature, Cameron speaks with Amanda de Cadenet about feminism, her advice for young models, retouching for beauty images and much more. Despite the career choice, the blonde face of Calzedonia admits that she never worried much about her looks growing up. “My mother [Robin Chase, the founder of Zipcar and a fellow TED talk orator] is a total feminist. She never talked about beauty at home, so I never thought about being pretty,” she reveals. You can see more images from the shoot photographed by Toby Knott below, and read the full feature on

Cameron on image retouching:
“There is a myth outside of the fashion industry that every picture [you see in a magazine] has been retouched. But if you have a personal stylist and a makeup artist and you are 16 years old, then of course you are going to look incredible…Ultimately, I just see [retouching] as a part of the current preoccupation with the manipulation of beauty.”




Images – Net-a-Porter/Toby Knott

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