Andreea Diaconu Takes on the Classics With Zara’s Limited Edition Collection

Zara Into Classics 2022 Collection
Zara unveils Into the Classics limited edition collection. Photo: David Sims

Into the Classics is the second installment of Zara’s Limited Edition collection, developed in collaboration with the fashion stylist Emmanuelle Alt. It focuses on daytime looks that are appropriate for everyday wear. Kate Moss fronted a campaign for the previous collection, Into the Night, which featured outfits suitable for a party night out.

Zara Into the Classics 2022 Collection

Zara Classics Cashmere Sweater Wool Pants
Andreea Diaconu models Zara Limited Edition Cashmere Sweater and Wool Pants. Photo: David Sims

Andreea Diaconu, a leading face, poses in the studio for a series of portraits by David Sims while sporting elevated wardrobe necessities. Mixing and matching is the name of the game with these designs, which feature items such as cashmere sweaters, wool-blend blazers, relaxed jeans, and oversized coats.

Zara Emmanuelle Alt Classics Collection 2022
Made with creative consulting by Emmanuelle Alt, Zara’s Into the Classics collection is inspired by French style. Photo: David Sims

The Into the Classics collection is equipped with crossbody bags, tote designs, and knee-high boots. Daytime French fashion influences this collection which boasts a neutral color palette including shades of khaki green, navy blue, and ivory white.

Zara Limited Edition Crossbody Bag
A crossbody bag stands out for Zara’s Into the Classics limited edition collection. Photo: David Sims
Zara Classics Trench Coat Relaxed Jeans
Zara’s Into the Classics collection includes a trench coat with relaxed jeans. Photo: David Sims

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