An Ultimate Guide for Women to Casino Dress Codes

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If you are new to casinos, it can be difficult to understand their dress code, and, trust us, you will want to follow them as closely as possible. Pretty much everywhere you go that has a set of dress code rules, you have to respect them. Even though the rules aren‘t so elaborated anymore, you must act in accordance with them to even enter.

We know the general rules for men, but what about women? They can play just as much as men nowadays. Besides, recent studies have shown that women tend to be better players than men, with even more elaborate strategies.

And if you want a chance to practice a little before crossing their threshold, an online casino offers you the perfect opportunity! You can test out what type of game shines a light on your best qualities, so you can impress everyone on the first night. And for this, you can wear whatever you want! No one is going to judge your extra-comfy pajamas or your favourite hoodie.

But as soon as you decide to hit the floor of an actual casino, the first thing to do is to document a little about their specific dress code and what it means. They can be a little confusing, especially if you consider the fact that most of them only offer details about male clothes. Therefore, here are the main dress codes and their translation, from least to most elegant:


Not even ”casual” is what you think when it comes to casinos. Always add a pinch of ”elegant” to what you knew before. Even though you might be tempted to put on your everyday outfit, the big no no‘s of any dress code, no matter their complexity, are: flip flops, sneakers and worn out, dirty, or torn clothes. They are sure to deny your entrance anywhere you go.

So, for a more clear description, think about what you wear at a daytime wedding, or a classy restaurant. A sheath dress or skirt will make you look elegant, and if you want to experiment with jeans, at least make sure they are dressy and not just regular denim.

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Business casual

In this case, the name pretty much gives it out. Think about what you would wear in order to look put together, but not too fancy, or even better, at a holiday party or a white-collar office job, and you got it figured out. This includes pants, skirts, blouses, sweaters, jackets, collared shirts, and no need for stockings. Also, keep in mind that you need to remain appropriate, meaning no revealing clothing.

Business formal

A tad more elegant than the previous category, this outfit should be like the one you would wear at an office, including pencil skirts (with stockings!), blouses, jackets, blazers and simple jewelry . Not only is this dress code comfortable enough to spend your evening in, it is also your safety net for when you are not sure what to wear, or the casino doesn‘t mention it clear enough. This guarantees you being accepted at even more formal events and not being too overdressed for casual ones. 

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Semi Formal

This usually applies when it comes to nice events that take place during the daytime. The appropriate items include cocktail dresses, a long and elegant skirt, a dressy blouse, flats, heels, or strappy sandals. If you have been waiting to wear your favourite Little Black Dress, this is the perfect opportunity! Keep the color range dark for the nighttime, and light for the daytime.

Black tie optional

From now on, things start to get more and more serious. This code basically means dress as formal as possible, but don‘t be too excited to get out the gown yet, keep it as a second option. In other words, don‘t ditch the cocktail dress yet, if the hemline is not too short and the color is rich or neutral, like a navy blue, burgundy, white or black.

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Black tie

Similar to the previous category, this style applies for special events that start after 6 PM, or VIP ones. Now you are free to dust off your floor length gown, but fancy cocktail dresses are still accepted. Also, pantsuits that have a good cut are widely encouraged, and, of course, they go best with heels. Don‘t forget to keep it classy, sticking to dark and rich colors, and simple, but elegant, jewelry.

White tie

Finally, we reached the highest level of elegance. Apply everything you have seen in a James Bond movie- in terms of fashion, of course! Although it is not too common for casinos nowadays to require this dress code, when one does, you can expect the highest of luxuries. This is why you should dress accordingly, so in this case, nothing is off limits. Even ballgowns will be accepted without second thoughts, and if you want to reach the maximum potential, furs and white gloves are the perfect touch. Also, high class jewelry and a small purse or clutch will complete the picture perfectly.

Other helpful tips

An important detail when it comes to shoes is to make sure they are as comfortable as possible, but still elegant. Keep in mind that you will, most likely, move around a lot between the tables. High heels might not be the best option in this scenario, but heeled sandals or dressy flats will be your best friend.

Another good tip is to consider the fact that the casino might not be the only place you will visit. So make sure you leave a little bit of space for your outfit to be modified in order to match the event.

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