Top Tips and Advice to Keep Your Skin Clean and Healthy

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Many activities affect our skin positively or negatively. The food we eat, the liquids we drink, exercise, work habits, and even our state of mind. Our skin is the definition of what goes on in our lives daily. Now take a look at your skin! Can you say you have been doing a great job?

Keeping your skin clean and healthy is just as important as staying healthy yourself. Are you worried about what to do to get your skin in shape? Here are some tips to get you started.

Treat your Skin Regularly

If you want healthy skin, you need to pay attention to your skin. You need to be careful when selecting the body products that soothe your skin type. There are different skin types and distinct skin formulas that are perfect for each one. 

Some platforms online like provide you with information on skin types. Getting the right product for your skin would require a bit of research, so I’ll advise you to seek professional advice.

It is also necessary to moisturize your skin daily with oils and ointments. Treat yourself to a warm bath once in a while, especially after a long sweaty day. 

Avoid the use of soaps with a strong chemical base, as some chemicals can hurt the skin. If you are hairy, it is advisable to shave and wax as required. It allows the skin to take in the phytochemicals that help regenerate the skin.

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Watch your diets

Healthy meals yield healthy bodies and healthy lives. Healthy meals are rich in vegetables, fruits, vitamins, whole grains, proteins, and oils. Meals that contain these enable smooth bowel movements and easy digestion. They also have the nutrients to make your skin look alive and fresh.  

To keep healthy skin, it is advisable to consume more healthy fat and oils. The contents of your daily diet should include fish, wheat, olive oil, salads, and fiber. Reduce the carbohydrate content in your meals because they could lead to excess weight gain. Avoid junk or processed food; the preservatives might not be healthy for your skin. It is okay to indulge but not in excess.

Avoid excess heat or Sunlight

Excess heat from sunlight can lead to sunburns, and it also darkens your skin. It is okay to enjoy moderate sunshine. But when it gets too hot, dehydration occurs, and the skin begins to dry up. The dryness caused by the heat leads to cracking and breaking up of your skin pigment. 

The oils meant to give the skin a shiny and smooth feel also get broken down and expunged as waste through sweat. It is not just okay to avoid sunshine; you also have to keep a distance from fireplaces and heaters. Enjoy the heat but don’t hurt your skin in the process. You can wear hats and use umbrellas to shade your skin from the sun.

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Exercise to keep the firmness

Exercise helps build the right muscles to keep your skin firm. Exercises also help you burn out excess cholesterol from your body, leaving you light and flexible. As you sweat during workouts, the pores of your body open up, letting out salts and other toxins not healthy for the body and skin. Exercise slows down the aging process, revitalizing your body. Take long walks and do a lot of stretches when you can. You can also pay weekly visits to the gym to get an all-around body workout. Exercises also allow the pores of your skin to open up to take in more oxygen for the rest of your body. During work-outs, the body releases sebum which naturally moisturizes the body.

Turn down the alcohol and Smoking 

Research has shown that excessive consumption of alcohol is unhealthy for the liver and kidneys. The skin serves as the first line of defense against infections and diseases and requires vitamin A to perform this role. Alcohol destroys the vitamin A contained in the body, increasing the risk of infections and diseases. Smoking also has the same effect because it destroys the vitamin A supply in the body. Smoking speeds up how quickly your skin ages. It also damages the vitamin c in the body needed to replace worn-out and dead tissues.

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Drink Plenty of Water

The skin requires a lot of water daily to stay hydrated. Water helps to clear the skin and get rid of waste through the pores. Without water, the skin becomes dry and begins to break. Water is also essential for digestion so the skin can absorb vitamins released from the breakdown of food in the stomach.

Ensure you get enough rest and sleep as stress can flare up skin conditions like 

eczema and psoriasis. It is also advisable to visit your doctor for regular medical check-ups. Remember, living a healthy life is based on observing very good hygiene.

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