Makeup Looks to Inspire: 15 Stunning Ideas for 2024

Joanna Elizabeth


Updated April 12, 2024

Makeup Looks
Dive into beautiful makeup looks.

Makeup looks offer a canvas for self-expression, blending everything from the subtle allure of neutral tones to the vibrant impact of bold eyeshadows. Beauty invites you to ignite your creativity, transform your appearance, and explore styles that elevate your aesthetic.

Whether you prefer a natural, no-makeup vibe or a dramatic flair, these looks offer an array of options to match your mood and the occasion.

Makeup Looks

Soft Glam Allure

Soft Glam Makeup
Embrace subtle allure with soft glam makeup featuring rosy shades. Photo:

Embrace the easy life with a soft glam makeup look. A seamless blend of rose-taupe eyeshadow enhances the eyes, while fluttery lashes add a touch of drama.

The skin glows with a sculpted, bronzed contour, and the lips are kissed with a pink-nude gloss, creating a balance of sophistication and natural beauty.

80s Electric Eyes

80s Eye Makeup Look
Revive the bold spirit of the 80s with striking electric blue eyeshadow and a vibrant coral lip. Photo:

Channel the vibrant 80s makeup look with electric blue eyeshadow, reaching above the crease for a bold statement.

A winged eye and voluminous lashes accentuate the drama. Keep the skin dewy with minimal coverage and highlight the cheeks subtly.

Finish with a matte coral lip to modernize the retro vibe. Use a white eyeshadow primer to intensify the blue shade.

Neutral Elegance

Neutral Makeup
Embrace neutral tones with matte brown eyes and a glossy lip. Photo:

Show off a monochromatic palette with a neutral face. The eyes are softly defined with matte brown shadows, and a light mascara touch enhances the lashes. Give the skin a seamless contour while a glossy nude lip ties the look together.

Choose a gloss one shade deeper than your natural lip color to add dimension without overpowering your neutral look.

60s Mod

60s Mod Makeup Look
Step back into the 60s with a dramatic winged liner and a matte nude lip. Photo:

Echoing the boldness of 60s mod style, this look centers on a dramatic, extended winged liner that gives a nod to vintage chic while remaining firmly modern. The lips are muted with a nude matte finish, ensuring the eyes remain the statement feature.

When crafting a winged liner, first sketch out the shape with a light pencil to guide your liquid liner application for a flawless, sharp edge.

Classic Red Lipstick

Red Lipstick Look
A bold matte red lip paired with a sharp cat-eye liner for a timeless look. Photo:

Go for a red lip for a classic look with a modern edge. It’s a winning look paired with a sharp cat-eye liner and a warm, matte eyeshadow to enhance the eyes. The classic red lip, bold and matte, is the true showstopper, offering a dash of vintage glamour.

For a lasting red lip, apply a liner all over your lips as a base before your lipstick for extra staying power and intensity.

Natural Radiance

Natural Makeup Look
Celebrate your natural beauty with minimal makeup, highlighted by a soft blush. Photo:

Embrace the natural makeup look that’s ideal for any day. Barely-there makeup puts the spotlight on a radiant complexion. A flush of soft blush on the cheeks and lips gives a healthy, youthful glow.

Feathered eyebrows and a dab of mascara round out this fresh-faced aesthetic. Embrace your skin’s natural texture by using a tinted moisturizer and spot concealer where necessary.

Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eyes
Upgrade the classic smokey eye with warm browns and a hint of gold. Photo:

Captivate with smokey eyes featuring a blend of warm brown and gold shimmer seamlessly merged for a sultry effect. Inspired by 1920s beauty, bold mascara amplifies the lashes, while a hint of blush and a soft pink lip maintain balance.

To elevate a classic smokey eye, add a touch of gold in the center of the lid for a luxurious finish.

Cat Eye Perfection

Cat Eye Makeup Look
Show off a jet-black cat eye, softened with neutral shadows and a matte lip. Photo: iStock

Always a favorite, the cat eye channels classic elegance with its sharp, jet-black winged liner, adding a dramatic touch to the eyes. Neutral eyeshadow provides a subtle canvas, enhancing the bold liner.

Use a warm blush on the cheeks. A statement matte red or neutral lip delivers timeless sophistication. Try tape to guide your cat-eye to achieve that crisp, flawless edge.

Dramatic Draped Blush

Draped Blush Makeup Look
Make a statement with sun-kissed, dramatically draped blush for radiant cheekbones. Photo: Conejopaint /

Make an entrance with bold draped blush, which contours the cheeks with a warm, sun-kissed color, enhancing the cheekbones and creating a soft, radiant glow.

The eyes are subtly defined, allowing the blush to take center stage, while a glossy red lip adds a pop of glamour. Blend your blush upward toward the temples to easily integrate color and sculpt the face.

Y2K Silver Eyeshadow

Y2K Silver Eyeshadow Makeup
Dive back into the 2000s with shimmery silver lids, perfectly complemented by a glossy lip. Photo: iStock

Channel the early 2000s trend with a shimmery silver eyeshadow dominating the lids and extending to the inner corners for that famous Y2K dazzle. Complemented with smoky under-eye and dramatic black eyeliner, it captures the era’s bold yet playful essence.

Keep the lips and cheeks understated with neutral tones. Pair your silver eyeshadow with a glossy, clear lip gloss for a true retro effect.

Cosmic Ombre Eyeshadow

Ombre Eyeshadow
This ombré eyeshadow look is out of this world with a blend of royal blue and purple. Photo:

Celebrate a mixture of colors with a dazzling mix of royal blue and rich purple eyeshadows. Boldly extend the makeup past the crease, creating a stunning galaxy effect.

Keep the skin glowing with a natural finish, and swipe the lips with a sheer peach gloss for a subtle but alluring shine.

Blend your eyeshadows using gentle windshield wiper motions with a brush to soften edges for a celestial, ombré effect.

Seasonal Makeup

Shimmering Eyes Makeup
Find a beauty look for the season.

With each season’s turn, the earth’s hues transform, offering fresh inspiration for our makeup palettes. From the delicate blossoms of spring to autumn’s vibrant foliage, nature’s changing beauty provides endless cues for our cosmetic creativity.

Spring Pastels

Spring Makeup
Spring’s renewal reflected in playful pastel eyeliners, light and refreshing. Photo:

Embrace the spring spirit with pastel shades featuring playful eyeliner in refreshing green, teal, and orange shades. The application is light and airy, with a winged effect that elevates the look. Lips are kept in a soft coral hue.

Use a light hand when applying bright eyeliner. Pair it with neutral shades to keep the look balanced and wearable for the season.

Summer Freshness

Summer Makeup
Embrace summer’s warmth with minimal makeup, highlighted by a sheer, sun-kissed glow. Photo:

Channel a summer breeze with a minimal beauty approach. Well-groomed brows set the stage for a subtle enhancement with warm eyeshadow, lending depth without drama.

A sheer highlighter offers a glistening touch, like the sun’s soft kiss on the cheekbones. The nude lip, with a hint of pink, is the perfect nod to natural summer beauty.

Keep your makeup melt-proof by using a lightweight tinted moisturizer with SPF for the dual benefits of protection and coverage.

Fall Browns

Fall Brown Makeup
Fall into the season with warm, matte browns and a deep chestnut lip. Photo:

Embrace a fall color palette with warm, matte brown eyeshadow that creates depth. A shimmering copper hue on the lids adds a hint of autumnal glow.

Subtle eyeliner and mascara define the eyes. The look is completed with luscious deep chestnut lipstick, echoing the organic palette of the fall season.

Winter Nocturne

Winter Makeup Look
Capture winter’s essence with dark, smoky eyes and a deep matte lip. Photo:

Channeling the depth of winter nights in a look that features a smokey eye with rich, dark shades blending into a warm, shimmering copper at the center of the lid. Lips are bold in a deep, matte brown, reminiscent of the darkening winter evenings.

Exfoliating your lips and applying a nourishing balm before the lipstick will prevent your matte lips from drying out in the cold.

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