Summer 2024 Nail Trends That Are Taking Over This Season

Joanna Elizabeth


Updated June 5, 2024

Summer 2024 Nail Trends
Brighten up the season with these summer 2024 nail trends.

Summer 2024 nail trends are setting the stage for a vibrant and eclectic manicure season. Each nail becomes a canvas that elegantly showcases a mix of aesthetic charm, minimalistic touches, and opulent designs.

This year, celebrities and influencers are flaunting their favorite styles, inspiring with an array of stunning visual statements. Whether you’re drawn to the understated elegance of nude shades or bold, statement-making designs with gemstones, these summer nails cater to every taste.

Get ready to make your nails one of the most important aspects of your summer outfit with a personalized touch.

Summer 2024 Nail Trends

Shades of Green

Green Nails Trend 2024
Embrace a light shade of green for your manicure. Photo:

Capture the essence of summer with refreshing green shades. From mint green to emerald hues, the color reflects nature and renewal. You can make it modern using a mint green base enhanced with chic dark green speckles, offering a playful yet sophisticated look.

Use a quick-dry top coat to preserve the speckles and ensure a glossy, long-lasting finish, keeping your nails looking fresh and stylish all summer.

Blooming Florals

Floral Nails 2024 Trend
Embrace the beauty of nature with vibrant flower nail art. Photo:

Floral nail art is flourishing this season. Opt for shades of yellow, orange, and pink on a sheer, natural base for a fresh and playful vibe. The intricate floral patterns bring a touch of nature’s beauty to your nails.

It’s perfect for those embracing a soft, feminine look. Use a fine brush for detailed flower designs and seal with a clear top coat to maintain vibrant colors and ensure longer-lasting wear.

Sparkling Crystals

Nail Crystals 2024 Trend
Add some shine to your nails with gorgeous crystals. Photo:

Crystal nails are here to dazzle, bringing a touch of luxury and glamour to your manicure. This trend involves adorning nails with sparkling crystals as accents or fully embellished designs, adding brilliance to any nail color.

Crystals can be arranged in various patterns, from minimalistic dots to intricate motifs, making them versatile for casual and formal occasions.

Ensure longevity by using nail glue to attach the crystals and seal them by applying a thin top coat around the edges, keeping your manicure intact and radiant.

Rainbow Nail Tips

Rainbow Nails Tips 2024 Trend
Embrace all the colors of the rainbow with these bold nail tips. Photo:

Rainbow colors are a bold trend for summer 2024, infusing nails with vibrant, cheerful hues. A prime example is the modern rainbow French tips, where each nail sports a different pastel shade, creating a playful look.

This design blends soft pinks, blues, yellows, and purples, perfect for showcasing your love of colorful nail art. For an even color application, use a white base coat under the pastel tips to make the colors pop and last longer.

Art Girl Nails

Art Nails Trend 2024
Turn your nails into a work of art with splashes of color. Photo: Budka Damdinsuren / Unsplash

Art nails turn your nails into miniature canvases. Look for designs that feature bold, abstract patterns in striking shades of blue, yellow, red, and orange, creating a dynamic and eye-catching look. Perfect for expressing your artistic side, these nails make a unique statement.

Use a dotting tool and fine brushes to achieve precise, intricate patterns, and finish with a high-gloss top coat for a polished look.

Transparent French Manicure

Transparent French Manicure Nails 2024 Trend
Go for a sheer finish with the transparent French manicure. Photo:

The transparent French manicure is a chic choice for the warm weather season, offering a modern twist on the classic look. Go for a design featuring a sheer pink base with soft white tips, creating a clean ombre effect.

The minimalist style is perfect for any occasion. For a flawless finish, use a nail guide for the tips and apply a gel top coat to enhance the shine and durability.

Ultimate Chrome

Chrome Nails 2024 Trend
Go for futuristic metallics with a chrome manicure this summer. Photo:

Chrome nails are shining bright this summer, making a bold statement in the beauty world. This trend features a metallic finish that gives nails a mirror-like, reflective look, perfect for those seeking something edgy.

With shades ranging from sleek silver to vibrant purple, chrome nails channel futuristic vibes. Finish with a no-wipe gel top coat to lock in the chrome effect.

Bright Yellow

Yellow Nail Trend 2024
Yellow brings the sunshine to summer manicures. Photo:

Yellow nails are one way to bring a burst of sunshine to your manicure, no matter the shape. This cheerful hue ranges from soft pastels to butter yellow and bold neon shades.

Ideal for both short and long nails, yellow nail polish complements every skin tone. Add subtle accents like gold foil or white dots to your nails for a stylish and personalized touch.

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