Green Diamond Ring: The Power Of Rarity 

Beautiful Green Diamond Ring
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Like all colored diamonds, green colored diamonds also vary in color intensity and shade. With the green color as their base shade, their variations can range from very light green to vivid dark green. But whatever end of the spectrum it may be, one thing is for sure- green diamonds are one of the rarest colored gems ever to exist. 

For this reason, it is ideal to have this colored diamond as the centerpiece of a much-loved piece of jewelry. A green diamond ring from famous jewelers such as Astteria might just be the one you are looking for to indulge yourself or gift to a special someone. 

Understanding a Green Diamond Ring 

Before we dive deep into the elements that make up a green diamond ring, it is important to have a full grasp of where the primary stone comes from. 

Green diamonds have long been established as one of the rarest colored diamonds ever to grace the planet. Their color is the result of an odd circumstance, which is the stone’s exposure to radioactive minerals or fluids both in natural and synthetic methods. Radiation causes the carbon atoms to move around during the crystallization process, and this results in a vacancy defect called GR1 Center in diamonds and is the primary reason these colored diamonds get their green tint

Usually, they are mined in Africa or South America. They are, however, also seen in other places but in very rare circumstances. 

Hand Green Diamond Ring
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What Goes Into A Green Diamond Ring 

The process of creating a green diamond ring is pretty much the same as how other diamond rings are made. Some jewelers begin the process by forming the band of the ring- the piece that holds all the elements of the ring together. Once the band is set, then the stones are picked out. 

Rings are made in all sorts of different kinds. Some have a simple band that houses one huge, prominent stone, which is called the primary stone, while others break the diamond into tiny pieces to form them according to the desired design. Some rings, however, are a combination of both- possessing a primary stone while secondary ones grace their surroundings to give a design an added creative flair. 

In the case of a green diamond ring, a green diamond is the primary stone used. As mentioned, it can either be a giant green rock or small cuts pieced together to form a lovely ring. 

Green Diamond Ring Isolated
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What Makes A Green Diamond Ring Unique? 

Whether you are gifting the piece of jewelry to yourself or a special someone, a green diamond ring will make for an exceptional purchase. After all, there’s nothing better than getting something rare so that you feel like it’s a one-of-a-kind gift.

The color in itself makes this gem remarkable, but add that to the fact that so very few have them in their possession ticks a whole lot of boxes entirely. 


Finding green diamonds is really challenging, but with that said, they are still relatively available in the market. A good place to start your search is by browsing online catalogs of reliable jewelers such as Astteria. 

If you are seeking something totally distinctive, a piece of green diamond jewelry is exactly what you are looking for. 

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