Does It Matter What Kind Of Shoes You Play Sports In? Find Out

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Playing sports with the right equipment can make a huge difference in your experience. Your footwear  is no exception to that rule. Different shoes are built for different purposes; we all know that. We wouldn’t go hiking in sandals, or wear stilettos on the beach. Yet, most people who are just venturing into sports or are amateur players make a crucial mistake in choosing their footwear without even realizing it. Not all sports shoes are the same, so the type of sport you play needs to be complemented with the right footwear. Here’s why.

Different Kinds Are Made For Different Sports

If you are new to this world, you will probably be surprised at just how extensive the variety in sports footwear is. Let’s start with the basic categorization.

First, you have running shoes. These are made specifically for runners, but you can use cheap ones for other activities like walking, or yard work too. Since running is a fairly common activity, running shoes also cater to different feet. Neutral options  are made for runners with high arched feet, while the stability options are for those with low arched feet. You can also get the maximalist, which is made with extra cushioning and support or if you prefer the new-age trend of forefoot and barefoot running, you might want to try the minimalist choice.

Next, you have training shoes. These are aimed for activities like working out and weightlifting by providing cushioning and support.

Then you have pairs specifically made for sports like basketball, tennis, soccer, wrestling, cricket, and the likes. These are designed to aid player movements specific to the sport. Court shoes are designed for sports like basketball and tennis. The basketball designs provide the support and stability to the person wearing them in order to stop at any moment and turn in any direction. Sports like football, soccer, and baseball require players to wear footwear with cleats. These are metal or plastic spikes attached to the base, giving it more traction on grassy terrains.

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The Right Choice Improves and Protects You

Sports require movements and exertion that put pressure on various parts of your body, especially your feet and ankles. Not only would proper footwear reduce the impact on your soles and heels, they also provide cushioning to your feet from heavy landings. With the right choice also comes the added advantage of improving your movement, and consequently, your performance as well. You’ll find that tennis requires players to make a lot of lateral movements, and professionals at advise wearing tennis shoes that have lateral support. The appropriate footwear would prevent you from injuries that you might be prone to while playing the sport. An ill-fitting option can cause anything from minor to major issues and injuries. If it’s too tight, your feet won’t be able to breathe and blood flow will not be optimal. You can get blisters, ingrown nails, bunions, or heel pain. If it’s too loose or if it doesn’t have enough traction for the terrain, you might slip or sprain your ankle or the fall could even cause major injuries.

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How To Find The Right One

Finding the right shoes for the sports you play can be slightly tricky, especially if you are new to the sport and don’t know what to look for. There are some simple steps that you can follow that might help you find the right one for you. For starters, don’t just go to any store. Try to buy your sports footwear from a store that deals with equipment that caters specifically to your sport. So if you are looking for basketball shoes, go to a store for basketball equipment. If you can’t find a store specific to your sport, then go to one for general sports equipment and ask for help.

Try not to buy your footwear from where you buy your casual sandals. When you are trying a particular pair on, it is advised to tie the laces of your shoes tightly to give you the best feeling of how secure your feet will be. You must also ensure that they have ample space between your toes and the top of the shoe. Your feet must not be cramped in it either because that might cause problems with blood circulation. Experts also suggest buying them at the end of the day or after you work out because your feet swell through the day, so a pair bought earlier in the day might feel uncomfortably tight later.

Wearing the appropriate footwear for your sport ensures you not only have fun playing but also allows you to be safe and improve your performance. Eventually, as you play more, you will be more intuitive about the kind you feel comfortable in. Until then, the tips mentioned above should suffice.

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