5 Facts About Gel Polish

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Women always wanted to have the best nail polish and change colors according to their tastes. The nail monomer remains one of the best inventions ever made for women’s beauty across the world. However, this progress didn’t come with no cost for the men kind. The new gel polish remains less friendly for the environment compared to its predecessors. On the other hand, it can give the best coloring to your nails at a fraction of the time needed with the older ones. 

Follow this article to find the most exciting facts having to do with nail polish and the industry women cannot deny they love to deal with:

1-Gel Polish Cannot Go Bad

Modern gel polish formulas indeed last forever. That is an affirmation from the top chemists working in industries that provide the raw materials to create a new gel polish formula. Even though gel polish can absorb some air and moisture, only a small part of its molecules will eventually react with oxygen and change its substance. Most of it will remain intact in the glass container waiting for the next time it will reach a human nail surface.

Not to mention that gel polish tends to be less volatile when kept in glass bottles; that’s why many beauty companies worldwide market it in such containers. 

2-It Has the Largest Color Variety

There are endless possibilities about the gel polish colors readily available in the world markers. Women from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds prefer various colors for their gel polish. That is why manufacturers keep on experimenting with a very competitive and abundant color palette covering the most significant majority of the world demand.

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3-Some People Could Be Allergic to Gel Polish

Even though modern manufacturing methods have made gel polish a lot friendlier to human nails, there are still women who have allergic reactions upon application. These reactions can come either from their skin (through direct touch with the gel polish) or from the respiratory system from the product’s slight evaporation. Usually, these allergies are self-contained and never become a significant health issue for people using gel polish.

4-Gel Polish Does Not Need a UV Light to Dry

Older products used to need UV polymerization to become stable and dry. That is not the issue with modern gel polish formulas that are self-polymerized since they contact the environmental air. When the formula reaches the nail surface, it undergoes a temperature increase and reacts with the air to form a stable substance that shall stay for at least two weeks.

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5-Storing Gel Polish in Bathroom is a Bad Practice

Many women use to store their gel polish in their bathrooms. However, this habit (although convenient) could be destructive to the quality of the product. That happens because of the increased humidity and moisture a bathroom usually has, which can seriously intervene in the gel polish molecular structure irreversibly. It would be wiser to keep the gel polish in a dry and dark place where women could switch on their artificial lights and dye their nails the color they like.


Gel polish remains one of the most highly appreciated beauty passports for women. Nails are protected from the chemical structure of modern formulas, which can nourish women’s nails without harming them at all. It would be wise for them to keep buying their gel polish from authorized sellers who can guarantee their products’ authenticity.

For many generations of women, gel polish has played a monumental role in making them look better and cheer them up. That is why knowing more facts about it could give you precious information about women’s way of thinking.


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