4 Things You Need to Know Before Opting for a Brazilian Butt Lift

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Cosmetic surgery has always been an esteemed choice by those wanting to do certain modifications to their bodies, regardless if with a functional purpose or a strictly aesthetic one. However in recent years this industry has truly expanded in new directions, setting the course for new cosmetic destinations. One of the most recent cosmetic destinations has been set by Brazilian butt lifts, the newest trend around the globe.

If you’re thinking about doing this upgrade for your body, for whatever reason, be sure to consider these four things to know about Brazilian butt lifts before you proceed:

1. There Are Two Procedures You Can Opt From

The Brazilian butt lift is a special cosmetic procedure that’s meant to give the bottom a rounder, firmer and more aesthetically pleasing look and feel. There are two generally accepted Brazilian butt lift procedures that are followed and that both aim to give the bottom a more appealing shape.

One of them is through fat injections which means that in one single surgery both fat injection and liposuction are applied. This procedure is ideal for women who have a certain amount of fat on other parts of their bodies because it basically entails fat transfer. Unwanted fat from other parts of the body, usually from the hips, is extracted through liposuction and then injected into the bottom for a fuller, shapelier form.

Another technique is oriented towards women who don’t boast so much fat on their bodies and it’s simply the butt implant. These implants are placed under the butt muscles and they are pretty hard to the touch. The surgical scars won’t be visible though.

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2. What Are the Brazilian Butt Lift Shapes You Can Choose From?

Thankfully, if you’re looking into undergoing this procedure, you need to know there are several Brazilian butt lift shapes you can choose from.

The natural shapes of the human bottom are: the square shape, the V shape and the A shape. These three shapes can be eventually transformed into an upside down heart, a round/bubble shape or a curvy shape.

Each of these shapes can be modelled into three different sizes: small, medium and large. The shape and size you choose will all depend on your body type and on how you’d like your end result to look like. If you go for the bigger size, for example, it will enhance the waist-hip ratio, an aspect many women are interested in. You may also prefer to get a smaller size with a simple and perky aspect. It all depends on you.

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3. How’s the Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Like?

The Brazilian butt lift operation can be and is usually performed under general anesthesia and sedation. If a smaller amount of fat is transferred, you may only require local anesthesia.

Incisions are made in the area where fat is taken from and then using a tube to suck out the fat. The fat amount that has just been taken out of your body is now purified and processed for the next step of the procedure. Then the surgeon makes three to five incisions in your buttocks for the fat transfers.

These incisions are then closed up with stitches. A compression garment is then applied to the affected area by your cosmetic surgeon, to ensure any possible bleeding will recede.

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4. What’s the Recovery Time Like?

Like with any other cosmetic intervention, the Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that affects the body, even though it does it in a minimal way. This is why proper recovery is needed, to ensure the body readily assimilates the new information it’s now storing.

Wearing a corset is recommended after the operation, since it enables you to feel more comfortable and less pain in the operated area. Additionally, it also prevents unpleasant bleeding and edema.

It’s also indicated that you don’t take a bath in the first two days after the operation, in order to protect the affected area. The Brazilian butt lift recovery time also requires you to not practice sports during the first six weeks after the surgery. You may also find some bruises in that particular area, but they are natural and temporary.

If you’ve had implants, you will find that sitting is challenging in the first few weeks after the operation. Also, if you’ve had injections, be prepared to see some of the fat subside in time.

All in all, these are the main four aspects you need to be mindful of before choosing to opt for the Brazilian butt lift operation. This operation is certainly more than a simple intervention, it’s actually an opportunity to look and feel different in your body, a mental shift that may open new doors and personal insights.

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