Sportmax Spring 2012 | Milan Fashion Week

Sportmax’s Sexy Spring – The spring 2012 showing from Sportmax delivered a youthful mix of form-fitting silhouettes, slouchy summer outerwear and sharp blazers for the new season. Models walked down the runway with disheveled hair and nude lips which appears to be a popular beauty trend for the new season. Prints came in the form of grungy florals paired up with metallic skirts and cinched waists.

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8 Responses to “Sportmax Spring 2012 | Milan Fashion Week”

    • Me too! The prints are so awesome! I also love that teal dress in the first page.
      However, the model’s hair is just awful, I know they are going for  that cool unkempt feel, but it’s just not working. It looks greasy and yucky!

  1. some of the pieces are very and very beautiful, particularly the coats and teal dresses. love this collection!

  2. Those metallic knits are really a standout – looks just like the Chanel nail polish Peridot!  It’s like a iridescent beetle shell.  And I love the wet hair

  3. The collection looks polished as relaxed, as per usual. CAN’T stop drooling over that metallic knit sweater…just ridiculous.

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