Gucci Spring 2011: Karmen Pedaru

Although already a favorite amongst fashion editors and clients alike, the spring 2011 ready-to-wear collection from Gucci takes shape in lookbook format with model Karmen Pedaru sporting the seventies influenced garmentss. Embracing jewel tones with metal accents and a dash of North African inspiration, the Gucci woman goes for the gold with the spring-summer season.

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15 Responses to “Gucci Spring 2011: Karmen Pedaru”

  1. anonymous Reply

    her chest looks terrible in the purple dress.My god she looks ugly.

  2. obi belt?seriously?
    other than that I feel like I could relate to these, unlike the expected supercold and skinny fashionwarrior clothes

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Colors & shapes are incredible. One of the better Gucci collections I’ve seen. But someone above me mentioned how terrible Carmen’s chest looks like in one of the dresses, and I agree. Very unflattering.

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