Why a Good Night’s Rest is the Ultimate Fashion Tip

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Everybody seems to have their own universal fashion tip, and many like to share theirs at any chance they get. If you have a friend who raves about the beauty benefits of drinking lots of water, you may not be too shocked to hear that we believe there is no better beauty and fashion tip than getting a good night’s rest.

“How?” you may ask. Well, read on for three reasons why good quality sleep on a great mattress is the ultimate fashion tip.

Beauty Sleep

The Blair Waldorfs of the world weren’t lying when they said they needed their beauty sleep. It is now becoming common knowledge that the quality of your sleep can have massive effects on the quality of other things too – namely, your skin and hair.

Not getting enough sleep has many effects on your skin. While you sleep, your body rebalances its hydration, so less time sleeping can mean poor water balance, which appears as dryness or puffiness. When you are sleep-deprived, your body also produces stress hormones that cause inflammation, which can lead to acne and skin sensitivity.

Inflammation due to lack of sleep also causes the breakdown of collagen, which not only gives your skin a bright, bouncy look but also does the same for your hair. Collagen provides amino acids that your body uses to build keratin, which builds new hair and replenishes that which is dull and broken.

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More Time to Get Ready

Going to bed earlier and getting a good night’s sleep on a high-quality mattress will give you the energy to start your day earlier, providing more time to get ready in the morning. If your mattress is uncomfortable or worn-out, this could be the one thing stopping you from getting great quality sleep and upping your style to the next level. Fortunately, there is the upcoming Presidents Day mattress sale later this month, so there will be plenty of deals available if you’re in need of a new, comfy mattress.

Getting up just one hour earlier will give you plenty of time to really contemplate your outfits rather than just throwing on something you wear every other day. If you want to stand out for your fashion, you need to invest some time into it.

An earlier start after a good night’s rest will also give you far more time to do your hair and makeup, which will accessorize whatever outfit you choose to wear. Why not try some new, up-do hairstyles or an extravagant make-up look?

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Boost in Energy and Confidence

We all know that getting good quality sleep makes us feel more energetic, but did you know that it can also instantly boost your mood and confidence? Not getting enough sleep can make us feel groggy and tired, which more often than not leads to us choosing boring outfits that reflect our mood.

When you get enough sleep, however, you will want to make bolder decisions when it comes to building outfits and accessorizing. With this energy boost, you may even have enough energy to hit the gym every now and again, which will help you fit into old clothes and make new ones fit even better. This means your wardrobe will be bigger than ever, which is sure to aid you in making better fashion decisions!

This boost in energy and confidence will be an invaluable asset to your style and is only one of the benefits of getting a good night’s sleep. You will also have that crucial extra time to pick out your outfits and work on your hair and makeup, and your glowing skin and hair will complement any look you wear!

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