10 thoughts on “Roberto Cavalli Spring 2012 | Milan Fashion Week”

  1. Most interesting, most complex, most detailed and most haute of all the MFW shows.

    I have looked at it a dozen times, the off kilter tailored jackets, the unexpected flowing floral skirts, the sharp sequined slacks, the animal motifs and the faux animal skins – a show where the individual parts are wonderful and their juxtaposition is extraordinary.

    Despite the flashiness elsewhere (let alone a lot of trite. boring shows) this is the outstanding show of the season (so far)!

  2. when i see a collection even how intricate or simple it is, i always break it down thinking if it would be great if i would pair it with a simple white t-shirt or  a pair of jeans or with a great pair of killer shoes. and this collection greatly passed that test.

    either a piece of jacket or a pair of pants from this collection, it would surely make everything looking fabulous and gorgeous.

    surely the best way to look glamorous.

    a great way to frock into a summer evening.

    love it!



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