How Does Music Influence Fashion Trends?

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Music has long been known to influence fashion trends throughout the world. From music genres that emerged in different decades, musicians who have changed the way people dress, and songs that capture a specific style or mood, music and fashion is undeniably intertwined. 

Read on as we explore the history of music and fashion trends, five ways music influences fashion trends, and how they may shape the future of clothing styles people embrace.

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History of Music and Fashion Trends

Music has been influencing the way people dress since its creation. For example, during the 1950s, Elvis Presley‘s rock ‘n’ roll style and influence changed how men wore their hair and clothes. His rebellious attitude towards his look also pushed boundaries in gender roles which could be seen through his wardrobe choices for concerts. Additionally, many female performers of this era, such as Marilyn Monroe, were inspirations for more voluminous skirts that replaced the pleated ankle-length skirts popular among women at the time.

In the 1970s, glam rock and punk rock were born, and with it came new fashion trends where people expressed their freedom by wearing leather jackets, studs, and t-shirts bearing powerful slogans with heavy makeup. The musicians were also seen dying their hair in bright colors. And fans proceeded to adopt these fashion trends.

And remember the disco era, where men wore chunky heels with a suit, while women wore leather skirts or flowy skirts and dresses that allowed them to move on the dance floor. It also allowed people to dress as they wished, as some could be seen in one-piece bodysuits or satin pants and shirts, making the dance floor flashy and glamorous. 

In the 1990s, there was the emergence of rap battles and break dancing, which led to the emergence of hip-hop fashion that comprised crop tops, tracksuits, graphic t-shirts, sneakers, and accessorized with heavy chain necklaces. 

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What is the Importance of Music on Fashion Trends?

  • Music can create a shared community or identity between those with similar interests or values, defining what sets them apart from other groups or cultures.
  • Music also allows us to express ourselves by wearing certain clothes associated with our favorite songs or artist styles.
  • It represents an individual’s culture, beliefs, and messages they wish to broadcast through their clothing choices, making them part of a group with shared identities rather than merely blending into one collective society in terms of fashion trends.
  • It can also contribute to the success of a business, as we can see several musicians develop their line of clothes and shoes, like Beyonce’s IVY PARK, which has gained a popular following.
  • You can also see music used in fashion shows as models walk down the runway showcasing the designer’s clothes or creations.
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Ways Music Influences Fashion Trends

As an artist, you must compare different music distribution methods, such as distrokid vs. Tunecore, and choose the best. This ensures that people can easily access your music and hence deliver the impact it’s supposed to in terms of fashion.

Metal & Leather

Metal was widely embraced by teenagers throughout Europe and America in the 1980s when bands like Iron Maiden released albums filled with heavy metal tunes. 

This influenced people’s clothing styles by incorporating black leather jackets for men and spandex pants for women, all of which are staples of the metal subculture that still live on today. You’ll also find them with studs on their lips and ears.

Country Music – Jeans, Shirts & Cowboy Boots

Country music has been a leading influence on dressing trends since it began in the early 1900s. It is often associated with denim jeans for both sexes, plaid shirts for men, and flannel tops for women. Of course, no country look would be complete without cowboy boots.

Hip-Hop & Baggy Clothes

Hip-hop culture first became popular around 1979 when groups like Run DMC started to make waves in the industry with their unique sound, mixing rap, funk, and electro beats which people had not heard before. It certainly made the relationship between music and fashion stand out.

This brought about a new wave of fashion; wearing oversized baggy clothing was part of this scene. However, it also represented freedom from traditional dress codes or uniformity among others who weren’t as daring or creative regarding their style choices at the time.

Grunge & Shaggy Appearance

Grunge was an alternative rock movement that emerged in the late 80s and early 90s. It was influenced by punk rock music which inspired people to dress down. They preferred wearing ripped jeans and oversized sweaters. This was to show their rebellious nature.

Techno & Flashy Outfits

Techno originated in Detroit in 1988, taking electronic sounds into clubs and creating an intense atmosphere where everyone dressed extravagantly. This included neon-colored rave wear such as tutus and leggings. They were staple pieces along fluorescent wigs, all set off by equally bold makeup, creating something akin to fantasyland among clubbers who embraced its unique style.

Reggae & Colorful Outfits

Reggae fashion is a style of dress that has its roots in Jamaica. It primarily consists of bright colors, bold patterns, and natural fabrics such as linen and cotton. It often features loose-fitting shirts, long skirts, wide-legged pants, maxi dresses, and head wraps for women. For men, there’s the option to wear casual yet bright colors in relaxed silhouettes.

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Today’s Music Influence on Fashion Trends

Many new music genres have appeared in today’s world, corresponding trendsetting styles such as EDM rave wear. This is heavily influenced by techno and trance sounds, clothing featuring reflective materials, and vibrant neon colors that create an eye-catching visual spectacle at festivals or nightclubs.

Celebrities have been at the forefront of setting up trendsetting fashions by launching their own fashion lines. Recent examples include Beyonce, Rihanna, and Bad Bunny – who all have successful ventures in this industry segment that demonstrate how music and fashion has influenced our current sense of style.

Final Thoughts

Music and fashion has long been intertwined throughout history. People often dress a certain way due to specific genres they listen to or artists they admire so much that they wish to emulate them in terms of their appearance. 

One cannot underestimate the importance of one art form influencing another. The evolution of this relationship will be fascinating to explore further into future generations where technology plays a significant role in what we wear daily.

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