Interview with Makeup Artist Yasmin Heinz on New Book "Geschminkte Wahrheit"

Joanna Elizabeth


Published June 6, 2013

“Geschminkte Wahrheit” Front & Back Cover / Photo by Felix Lammers

The Truth about Makeup – Makeup artist Yasmin Heinz’s new book, “Geschminkte Wahrheit” (“The Truth Made-up” in English), details her journey from the beginning of her career in New York to her life now as one of the most sought after artists. Heinz has worked with many notable faces such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Toni Garrn, Dita von Teese and Monica Bellucci. In her book, she also reveals secrets of the trade; some even surprisingly simple. FGR got a chance to speak with the German makeup artist about the book and her inspiration.

During my career, many celebrities, actresses, models and assistants always asked me the same questions [about makeup], “why and how?”. That was the main reason for making this book. It is about enlightenment, my insight as an artist.

How did you get started as a makeup artist? What inspired the career choice?

As a child I painted the walls of my nursery with all the coloured pencils I could find, that drove my parents to madness. My mom, a classical ballet dancer, inspired me to dance as well. Every time, I was fascinated by her transformation with makeup, before she went on stage.

I think, this was the moment, where make up won a major importance in my life. I assisted a makeup artist at the Opera in Kiel/Germany and learned it professionally for the first time. After a while I decided: I have to go to New York, where the best of the world’s work and so I grabbed my two suitcases and went.

Toni Garrn for Tush Magazine / Photo by Felix Lammers

What was the experience like putting together a book of your work? Would you do another one?

Since I was a little girl, I loved making diaries and recording all my work experiences from the start until now. During my career many celebrities, actresses, models and assistants always asked me the same questions, “why and how?”. That was the main reason for making this book. It is about enlightenment, my insight as an artist to inspire others and also a tactile book…personal and human. Second book? Books take time, but I am already at it…

What is one of your favorite looks from the book? Why?
My book cover, it explains my vision of make up so well.

Collage of Yasmin’s personal pictures in Kiel/Hamburg Germany by Penelope Heim & Marie Mau

What colors inspire you now?
I like everything GREEN. Also, bright and vibrant RED lips.

The term “makeup artist”–do you consider what you do art?
Art is love and passion. All that I find in my job.

You started as a makeup artist in the 90s. How would you describe beauty in the 1990s vs. beauty now?
The make up quality has improved enormously, a simple cream has become a high tech product..It’s all in one. The new generation of foundation and powder creates a seemingly perfect canvas; like a pair of transparent tights.

Picasso inspiration: first job in Germany, when assisting Linda Mason / Photo by Wolfgang Klein
All Photos courtesy of Yasmin Heinz / “Geschminkte Wahrheit”

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