Grace Elizabeth Poses With Real Life Husband in Graff Bridal Campaign

September 2, 2022
Graff Bridal Jewelry Campaign 2022
Grace Elizabeth stars in 2022 Graff Bridal campaign. Photo: Graff

Luxury jeweler Graff unveils its latest Bridal campaign, which features model Grace Elizabeth and her real-life husband, Nicolas Krause. The photographs were taken on location on a tropical island, with the American beauty and the German footballer appearing in romantic settings.

Graff Bridal Jewelry 2022 Campaign

Grace Elizabeth Wedding Dress Photo
Posing in a wedding dress, Grace Elizabeth fronts Graff Bridal campaign. Photo: Graff

The couple married in secret two years ago, and because of the restrictions, there was no big wedding. So now, Grace Elizabeth was able to experience bridal bliss for the first time, complete with a wedding gown, veil, gorgeous setting, and of course, Graff’s dazzling jewelry.

Graff Diamond Ring Bridal Jewelry
Graff spotlights diamond rings for its new Bridal campaign. Photo: Graff

Since the jewelry house was established in 1960, engagement rings have been an essential component of the brand’s overall foundation. This year, Graff reimagined its iconic Promise setting, which is the company’s most popular style for engagement rings.

A new design has been introduced, and it features a gentle tulip shape as well as a top bezel that has been dropped. An organic bezel that gradually transforms into delicate claws is used to hold the side stones in place.

“With our incredible team of skilled artisans, coupled with the latest, highly technical design software, we are constantly looking for new ways to develop our bridal offering, whether it is conceiving new bridal jewels or enhancing a classic like the Promise setting,” shares CEO Francois Graff. “The new campaign shines a light on the incredible array of engagement rings and bridal jewels available at Graff, which are such an important part of our DNA.”

Francois Graff, CEO
Grace Elizabeth Husband Nicolas Krause Wedding
Grace Elizabeth models with husband Nicolas Krause for Graff Bridal campaign. Photo: Graff

A diamond tiara, stud earrings, necklaces, bangles, and earrings are also featured in the Graff Bridal campaign, in addition to the rings that are being sold. The images feature selections from the Butterfly collection, the Tilda’s Bow collection, and the Laurence Graff Signature collection. You can also see Grace Elizabeth wear Graff’s Graffabulous collection.

Graff Bridal Tiara Jewelry
Ready for her closeup, Grace Elizabeth fronts Graff Bridal jewelry campaign featuring a tiara and more styles. Photo: Graff
Grace Elizabeth Nicolas Krause Married
Married couple Grace Elizabeth and Nicolas Krause front Graff Bridal campaign. Photo: Graff

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