Clothing – Tips for Protecting Young Children in Cold Weather

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Younger kids are more susceptible to cold weather and if the winter months are fast approaching, you’ll need to invest in good clothing to ensure they are warm when they venture outside. Their bodies are smaller, and they tend to lose heat quicker, this is the main reason why they feel the cold more than adults. There is an art to dressing young kids during the winter, it isn’t just about packing on layers.

How to Layer

When you start to put winter clothes on your kids, you must start at the top and work your way down. At CMC Gold, you’ll find some great headgear to keep your little one’s head and ears warm when they go outside. Beanies and woolen headbands are perfect for keeping your kids head warm when the cold chill hits outside. When it comes to other parts of the body, you must consider the three basic layers.

  • Base Layers: This is the layer of clothing that touches your child’s skin. Because it comes in contact with their skin, it must be comfortable. They should be snug and not irritate the skin, the best material to use is wool or synthetic fabrics.
  • Middle Layer: This layer covers the base layer, and its purpose is to insulate. The best material to look for is fleece or wool.
  • Outer layer: After you’ve finished the base and middle layer, your last step is to protect your child with a waterproof jacket or outer shell. There are plenty of fashionable options when it comes to outerwear for kids.
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Correct Size

If you are planning on going for a walk around the park or a winter hike with your little one, along with properly layering your kids, you’ll also need to dress them in clothes that still fit. Don’t try to squeeze your little one into last years jacket or shoes if they don’t fit. Clothes that are too small will cut off circulation, making their limbs even colder.

Additional Layer

To ensure your kids stay warm all winter, you should remember the kids weather dressing rule of thumb. You must put babies and young children in one more layer of clothing than an adult would need. There is no problem have an extra layer of clothing and being able to remove it if they are too warm.

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Fingers & Toes

You’ve already picked out a warm hat for them, so don’t forget that their fingers and toes need extra attention. A child’s limbs are most at risk of frostbite, this is like the winter version of getting burned. Use extra socks, double gloves, scarves, and other accessories to ensure their extremities stay warm.

When dressing your kids for the winter, it is important not to let them get wet. You must choose a good quality waterproof jacket to ensure their inner layers don’t get damp. Keep their head warm with a beanie or woolen hat and remember to focus extra attention on their limbs. Double layer on hands and feet if necessary.

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