11 Great Holiday Outfit Ideas for Your Teen

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Teenagers tend to have mixed feelings about the holidays. They’ve outgrown the grade school excitement but still love the perks of presents and tasty food. But to encourage participation, parents should brainstorm some holiday outfit ideas that everyone can appreciate.

From comfy shine leggings to sweaters galore, teenagers can buy into the holiday spirit with a bit of encouragement. The right clothes set the stage for celebration for kids from one to 92.  Let’s talk about 11 great outfit ideas that teens will actually want to wear this holiday season. 

1. Festive Preppy

Kick off the festivities with an outfit that honors the old-school holiday vibe. Crisp slacks and polo shirts or cardigans and skirts are basics that never steer you wrong. Look for classic colors like reds, greens, and maybe some silver and gold accents for good measure. 

There are bound to be some photo opportunities under the lights and wreaths, so have some standard preppy items ready to rock at all times. 

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2. Low Key Lumberjack

For a more relaxed holiday vibe, break out the flannels and fishermen’s beanies that teens love to wear. The fits are more loose and oversized, offering more room to lounge around in front of the tree or the TV. Red and black flannels are the staples, but any color scheme will do as long as the fabrics and fits are on point. 

3. Black & Neutral Basics

Only some outfits need a bright and thematic color palette. Some of the best holiday looks start with black jeans, skirts, and tees or neutral basics that offer tons of versatility. 

These pieces create a pleasant contrast with multi-colored lights and ornaments. You can’t go wrong when it’s time to add accents like shine leggings or festive accessories, including jewelry and hair accents. 

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4. Elegant Apres-Ski

Some outfits are designed for a chic style after a long day on the slopes. That’s the essence of the apres-ski tradition, but you don’t need to be an alpine extraordinaire to benefit from these winter favorites.

Knit sweaters are vital and take on a new character with scarves, hats, mittens, and more. There’s even room for athleisure wear like joggers and leggings that add a comfy twist. 

5. Timeless Turtlenecks

Some teens will view turtlenecks as old-fashioned, but that’s because they haven’t yet experienced the joy and comfort for themselves. It’s more than a classic sweater, with extra coverage on the neck that locks in warmth during the chilliest days of the year. Plus, turtlenecks look great on almost anyone, and the fabrics are generally soft and cozy.

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6. Warm Knit Cardigans

It might take some convincing to get young adults to wear cardigans since they have an outdated reputation similar to turtlenecks. But once again, they will instantly see the magic of this versatile open-front sweater that is worn like a casual jacket.

Both guys and girls will appreciate cardigans for their comfort and endless opportunities to style with their existing wardrobe pieces. Oversized cardigans are basically wearable blankets, so what’s not to like?

Plus, they add a bit of formality to an otherwise low-effort holiday look, so keep a few cardigans within close reach.

7. Cozy Pajamas

Sleepwear is often overlooked but can add a lot of enjoyment to the holiday experience when snow is falling on the rooftop. Cotton pajama bottoms and a loose-fitting tee shirt are standard, but more luxurious fabrics like silk can be the next logical step up. Most pajamas come in all sizes, meaning the whole family can rock a coordinated look for the photo book.

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8. Holiday Printed Pieces

Novelty items have their time and place, so why not indulge in some ugly sweaters or zany printed tee shirts? Maybe they feature your favorite cartoon character or sports star with a holiday motif, because anything goes. There’s only one time of year you can get away with these outrageous pieces, so take advantage of the chance and enjoy every minute. 

9. Comfortable Sweats

Sweatpants and hoodies aren’t strictly formal, but not every holiday moment needs to be picture-perfect. When teenagers and kids are chilling and enjoying movies or games, they should wear something comfy that suits their style. Sweats can also be high quality, especially from luxury athleisure brands with premium fabrics and construction.

10. Quintessential Slippers

Walking barefoot around the house during winter is one sure way to feel cold. Buy some slippers for the young women and men in your family, so they stay warm from head to toe. 

They may not want to wear these types of footwear around friends, but with the family gathered for the holidays, they will surely enjoy the comfort factor.

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11. Accents & Accessories

Earmuffs, gloves, hats, scarves, and more–it’s all good when the holidays arrive. Teenagers are only just starting to figure out their style, so lead the way with accessories that provide function and a dash of flair.

Parents should always keep a handful of warm accent items nearby because you never know who might need that extra layer. 

Holiday Cheer for the Whole Family

When the kids and teens are having fun, parents can also sit back and relax! Coordinate holiday fits for the entire family and enjoy every moment together while it lasts.

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