Layered Bob Haircuts: Trendy Styles to Turn Heads in 2024

Joanna Elizabeth


Updated May 1, 2024

Layered Bob
Explore these chic layered bob haircuts.

The layered bob has become a timeless staple for popular hairstyles. With its strategic layers and subtle angles, this versatile bob cut offers a perfect balance of weight and movement, allowing for a range of styling possibilities.

Whether you’re seeking a fresh, modern, asymmetrical look or a timeless, classic aesthetic, the layered bob can be tailored to suit your individual preferences.

From the skilled hands of a talented stylist to the perfect color that complements your features, this beauty trend has become a go-to choice for women who desire a low-maintenance style.

Layered Bob Ideas

Face-Framing Bob

Face Framing Bob Layered
Accentuate your features with a Face-Framing Bob, blending contemporary edge with soft sophistication. Photo: threeeyesboy / Pexels

A Face-Framing Bob is an exceptional style that’s ideal for highlighting the jawline and enhancing your facial features. The key to this women’s hairstyle is the layers that softly drape around the face, creating a cut that can be customized to flatter any face shape.

For those with straight hair, a sleek blowout using a flat brush emphasizes the smooth lines of the cut, while a light mist of shine spray adds a luminous finish.

Voluminous Stacked Bob

Voluminous Stacked Layered Bob
Amplify your hair’s body with a Voluminous Stacked Bob that brings a chic bounce. Photo:

The Voluminous Stacked Bob is a chic choice for those seeking a hairstyle with both shape and movement. The stacking technique used in the back builds volume, giving a lifted and fuller appearance at the crown that gradually tapers to a more sleek and refined finish towards the ends.

For upkeep, regular appointments every five to seven weeks will help maintain the distinctive shape of this voluminous style.

Choppy Layered Bob

Choppy Layered Bob
A Choppy Layered Bob offers an edgy twist on a classic style that’s perfect for a modern, textured look. Photo: s_bukley /

Opting for a Choppy Layered Bob brings a dynamic and textured edge to the conventional bob silhouette. This cut is particularly adept at adding volume to fine hair and movement to thick hair.

Achieve a lived-in, edgy vibe by applying a volumizing mousse to damp hair and blow-drying with a diffuser, scrunching the hair to enhance the layers.

Two-Toned Layered Bob

Two Toned Layered Bob
Show off your adventurous side with a Two-Toned Layered Bob that’s as bold as it is stylish. Photo: iStock

A Two-Toned Layered Bob is a daring and playful take on the traditional haircut. It offers a striking contrast with dual colors that can accentuate the layered dimensions of the cut. When styling, use color-protective products to maintain the vibrancy of the tones.

Consider regularly using a deep conditioning treatment to keep the two-toned hair healthy and avoid breakage.

Curly Layered Bob

Curly Layered Bob Alison Brie
Dive into a world of curls with a Curly Layered Bob featuring plenty of volume and movement, as Alison Brie shows. Photo: Kathy Hutchins /

The Curly Layered Bob is a flirtatious and voluminous hairstyle that celebrates curls in all their glory. This cut layers the hair in a way that allows each curl to spring up and out, creating a full-bodied look.

When styling, use a curl-defining cream or gel to enhance the natural curl pattern and reduce frizz. Diffusing the hair on a low heat setting helps maintain the integrity of the curls and prevents them from becoming limp.

Layered Bob with Bangs

Layered Bob Bangs
Flaunt a Layered Bob with Bangs, combining playful movement with face-framing grace like Milla Jovovich. Photo: DFree

A Layered Bob with Bangs is a charming and stylish choice that combines the ease of a bob and the character of bangs. The layers offer movement and lightness, while the bangs draw attention to the eyes. For bang maintenance, a trim every three to four weeks will keep them at the ideal length.

Shaggy Layered Bob

Shaggy Layered Bob
Add a touch of effortless cool to your routine with a Shaggy Layered Bob that’s all about texture and movement, as Dianna Agron shows. Photo: s_bukley /

A Shaggy Layered Bob is the epitome of effortless cool and channels the ultimate 70s hair trend. Its razor-cut layers and tousled finish define it, creating a laid-back yet chic look. To style, work with a texturizing or sea salt spray on damp hair and scrunch to amplify the natural texture.

Avoid overusing heavy styling products, as the aim is to keep the shaggy layers light and bouncy.

Inverted Layered Bob

Inverted Layered Bob
Revitalize your style with an Inverted Layered Bob that’s dynamic, chic, and full of depth. Photo:

The Inverted Layered Bob is a dynamic haircut that stands out for its stacked back and elongated front, naturally pushing the hair forward and framing the face beautifully.

This cut is especially effective at creating the illusion of thickness and is suitable for fine hair types. When drying, direct the hair toward the face to emphasize the unique shape of the cut and focus on styling the sleek ends.

Textured Layered Bob

Textured Layered Bob
Invigorate your hair routine with a Textured Layered Bob, the ideal blend of movement and chic styling. Photo:

For a Textured Layered Bob, focus on creating volume and defining the layers to enhance the textured look. Use a diffuser when blow-drying to encourage natural waves and body.

A lightweight mousse can provide hold without weighing down the layers. Bring a focus to the texture with a small-barrel curling iron for even more pronounced waves.

Short Layered Bob

Short Layered Bob
Refresh your image with a Short Layered Bob, a timeless cut with easy elegance and styling. Photo:

The Short Layered Bob is a classic style that exudes sophistication. Its layers add volume and shape, making it a versatile choice. To achieve a sleek look, use a smoothing lotion before blow-drying with a small round brush to refine the layers.

This short haircut typically requires a trim every four to six weeks to maintain its distinct shape and prevent the layers from blending together.

Long Layered Bob

Layered Long Bob
Embrace a chic silhouette with a Long Layered Bob, ideal for those who want a bit of length like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Photo: Tinseltown /

A Long Layered Bob offers a fluid and elegant shape. For a sleek lob, use a straightener to smooth out the layers, or for a more casual vibe, create loose waves with a large-barrel curling iron. Protect the hair from heat damage with a thermal protector.

Between salon visits, a keratin-infused mask can help maintain the integrity of the hair and enhance the layered look.

Medium Layered Bob

Medium Length Layered Bob
Capture the ideal balance with a Medium Layered Bob, the perfect intersection of style and manageability. Photo:

The Medium Layered Bob is an adaptable style that works well for many hair types, providing enough length for versatility in styling while still being manageable. This medium length is ideal for experimenting with different parts to change the look.

Regularly using nourishing oil like argan or coconut between salon visits will keep the ends sleek and hydrated.

Finding Movement & Shape with a Layered Bob

Woman Layered Bob Hairstyle
Find out the beauty of movement and shape with your bob. Photo:

A bob that’s layered provides dynamic movement and shape, with its carefully structured layers creating a beautiful flow. Explore the essential techniques, from establishing the perfect angle to softening the blunt edges, for a flawlessly layered look.

Establishing the Angle

Begin by deciding the bob’s angle. For an elevated crown, angle the cut shorter at this pivotal point. Conversely, keep the back slightly longer if you prefer a graduated look. This creates the foundational shape that defines how the hair will lay and move.

Short to Long: The Key to Movement

Cutting Layered Bob
Create fluidity by transitioning the layers from short to long. Photo:

To infuse your bob with effortless movement, the layers should transition seamlessly from short to long. The precise technique ensures that each strand contributes to the overall fluidity of the haircut, giving life to each lock as it sways.

Shears Selection

Selecting the appropriate shears is vital for layering. Different shears create varied textures, ranging from chunky, defined layers to soft, subtle ones. Keep a variety of shears at hand, such as regular, thinning, and perhaps razor shears, to diversify the cut’s texture.

The Elevation Technique

Elevate the hair to the center during the cutting process. This central elevation ensures that the layers fall naturally into their intended shape, promoting a balanced distribution of volume and encouraging the hair’s natural bounce.

Softening the Ends

Angle Layered Bob
Add a natural look to blunt ends with point cutting. Photo: imustbedead / Pexels

To soften blunt and freshly cut ends, employ point cutting. This involves snipping into the ends at a vertical angle, breaking up the uniform edge, and giving a feathered, lived-in look that keeps the style looking contemporary.

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