Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2012 | Paris Fashion Week

12 Responses to “Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2012 | Paris Fashion Week”

  1. LOVE the colors & the way they are used together!  Sadly though I’m getting more of a fall/winter vibe from this than a spring/summer.

  2. Luckily we get a glimpse of the backs of these designs in the photos… it seems the collection was very much about the back of the clothing…

  3. Most of the collection is really lovely but as someone said, looks like Fall collection.

  4. Thee is no doubt the clothes in this collection are fantastic. Unfortunately I find myself incredibly distracted by the unflattering makeup! Blanking out the models’ eyebrows makes their otherwise gorgeous faces strangely ugly. Perhaps part of the goal was to create this unsettling effect? Who knows… =)

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