• Itschartreuse

    bravo. finally minimalism with femininity.

  • Jjovana3

    comment above me: well said. It seems that minimalism entitles menswear for some reason. this is great collection.

  • Hld012010
  • Kinulka

    who is the girl below Lindsey on the firt page? in the turquoise dress?

    • maddie

      Anais Pouliot :)

      • Kinulka

        thx :) she has been on the runway very often this season, she reminds me of Jessica Alba:)

        • Kinulka

          and Lindsey Wixen

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    This is quite dull collection, there’s no real innovation, now wowing designs too. There is nothing that screams modern or fun or beautiful.

  • anonymous

    Yes, this collection does not “scream.” Instead it is powerful in a quieter way, it’s strong but it’s not obnoxious.

  • http://mt.wiglaf.org/aaronm Aaronm

    Is there a term to describe that straight-line “off the shoulder turtleneck” thing they have going on on a couple of the pieces?