Watch Beyonce Perform "Standing On The Sun" in H&M's Summer 2013 Collection

Standing on the Sun – Following up the print advertisements, fashion retailer H&M has released a video starring Beyonce wearing its summer 2013 collection. The megastar sings her new song, “Standing On The Sun”, in the tropical locale of Barbados. Directed by Jonas Åkerlund, Beyonce works it in summer swimwear and beach coverups whether in the sand or water.

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5 Responses to “Watch Beyonce Perform "Standing On The Sun" in H&M's Summer 2013 Collection”

  1. Koko Loko Reply

    Looking a little too caucasian there, color editor… But otherwise, well, Its Beyonce!

    • What?! You must be kidding. The best shape she’s ever been in! Let’s check you out….

  2. Beyonce is in amazing shape. I am not some big Beyonce fan, but I can admit that she is incomparable, in the beauty of her body as well as her persona. Only negative thing I bother to say is: Yeah, why always blond? Haha

  3. wish they’d embrace her ethnicity more and stop trying to whitewash her.
    otherwise, a really captivating video, cant be denied shes like no other!

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