Vlada Roslyakova by Jacques Olivar for Marie Claire Italia October 2010

Vlada Roslyakova taps into her inner dark mistress for the October issue of Marie Claire Italia. Lensed by Jacques Olivar, Vlada wears elegantly seductive ensembles from Giorgio Armani, Etro, Gianfranco Ferré and more styled by Laura Seganti in Prima Donna.

25 Responses to “Vlada Roslyakova by Jacques Olivar for Marie Claire Italia October 2010”

  1. Vlada is truly one of the most awe-inspiring models, her face is otherwordly

  2. the girl is ok,but a big dislike for this colors setting and post-prod treatment.

  3. Veronika_bcn10 Reply

    what a shame that the photos are actually quite repetitive, because the styling is quite interesting and the make up, the model and background are gorgeous!
    this could have been amazing!

  4. Jacques Olivar had some great ad campaigns back in the 1990’s, didn’t know he was still around. Having said this, I am not blown away by Vlada’s figure: Too slim in parts, it works against the poses. More tone in the legs and arms would make these poses so much more sensual and powerful.

  5. Not keen on the lighting – it just doesn’t seem to complement the styling (which I do like) in terms of adding mood.

  6. I love Vlada. She’s an amazing model. The editorial is too post processed. Adding colors in post without the subtlety of hand makes a work look like it was shot by some random photographer on Model’s Mayhem.

  7. Marisa Cordoba Reply

    The clothes are great, interesting setting…but Vlada often has the exact face in every pose…the repetition makes this editorial kinda average if not boring.

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