Valentino Spring 2012 | Paris Fashion Week

6 Responses to “Valentino Spring 2012 | Paris Fashion Week”

  1. The lace saturation this season might be getting to me. In this case it’s a bit funereal. I like a dark widow vibe, but it seems incongruous with Spring…

  2. Finalmente una gran bella passerella alla PFW. Valentino indiscutibilmente glamour e chic ancora una volta ha fatto centro.

  3. Some pretty dresses, and like the sandals, but all the collections could merge into one, there is nothing new. worse, the REAL Valentino aesthetic seems to be lost forever. I feel sorry for Mr Valentino.

  4. Oh my, what a travesty.  Little to no cohesion at all.  What have they done to Valentino?!  Why can’t he design his own collection anymore?  I’d say he was turning in his grave, but he’s still alive – this must be torture for him!

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