Tulin Sahin by Tamer Yilmaz for Elle Japan December 2010

Tulin Sahin plays the role of jet setter for photographer Tamer Yilmaz’s most recent work in Elle Japan December. Styled by Melis Agazat and Hafize Celiktürk, Tulin hits the ground running in comfy cashmere, sleek silhouettes and dynamic prints. / Beauty by Hakan Kültür, Photo Assistant: Firat Kocak

7 Responses to “Tulin Sahin by Tamer Yilmaz for Elle Japan December 2010”

  1. Breatheurcry Reply

    Wish i could see just a little more variation in posing Styling is good though as well as the photography and it makes her look amazing anyway.

  2. a new gimmick model, forget the gap teeth, the mole is back!!! looking forward to seeing more of her, especially close ups/beauty as I am still not sure what her face looks like upclose.

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