Stephanie Seymour & Sons Pose in Photo Shoot for Harper’s Bazaar

Mum’s the Word–Supermodel Stephanie Seymour and her sons, Peter Brant Jr. and Harry Brant, pose together for the March issue of Harper’s Bazaar US. While the Brant brothers are known for their street style, we think Stephanie (who can also be seen in the recent Katie Grand Loves Hogan lookbook) is the center of attention for this shoot wearing standout looks in all black from the likes of Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and Tom Ford styled by Joanna Hillman and photographed by Sebastian Faena. / Set design by Jesse Kaufmann @ Frank Reps

25 Responses to “Stephanie Seymour & Sons Pose in Photo Shoot for Harper’s Bazaar”

  1. Those are her sons? It seems like they are her lovers! I’m grossed out. Those poor young men.

  2. Normally, mothers and sons don’t kiss and fondle each other on the beach. Those pictures of mother and sons doesn’t look very maternal to me. I’m sorry if I offend you. If these guys weren’t her sons, no big deal. BUT THEY ARE HER SONS, and it’s incestuous looking.

    • Anon YMouse Reply

      Who cares if it’s “incestuous looking”? What are you, a Bible-thumper? Then you should know that there was plenty of incest in the Bible too….

      • Jasminenlace Reply

        What does the bible have to do with the comments??? Has nothing to do with incest being completely wrong and disgusting as are these photos.
        All these pictures all have sexual undertones. All I need to know about them is that they are her sons and she’s posing in a sexual manner with them. Gross. Please don’t have kids if you plan on being a bad mom. Too many people do!

          • Because even without your very poor trolling and sad argument, scientifically incest specifically when it includes offspring leads to an increase of complications. Charles II of Spain is a prime example of this. Additionally depending on when the incestuous relationship started, who is involved, the age difference it can be a form of abuse, and rape. However I understand you’re simply a troll who gets a kick out of this and will never take away anything. Sad.

          • Anon YMouse

            You are hilarious. You don’t even know the definition of the word “incest”. Try again, troll.

            Who is the one trolling again? Not me. Yes, you are very sad at your supposed troll.

            I was obviously not talking about child molestation / rape. Where I live, the men in the picture are not included in that argument.

            What two consenting adults do is their business.

        • Anon YMouse Reply

          There’s absolutely no reason to say no, especially if no babies are made.

  3. kevin Golike Reply

    this looks more like promotion of insestual relations and is certianly baazar to know this is mother and sons.

    • Anon YMouse Reply

      Who cares if it’s “incestuous looking”? What are you, a Bible-thumper? Then you should know that there was plenty of incest in the Bible too….

  4. Deanna Hopper Reply

    This photo shoot is totally disgusting!! What the hell is the matter with this mother? If this was a nobody photo shoot – “Child Services” would be involved! This borderlines child pornography. Especially the pictures of her and her son’s on the beach. It’s pure filth!! Not art!!

  5. don’t care what theyre doing, she will be always a beautiful supermodel

  6. I knew I couldn’t have been the only one who was confused! I’m flipping through my copy of Bazaar and had a WTF moment. Why is her son unzipping her dress while she looks at the other as if she could gobble him up??…VERY weird

  7. anonymous Reply

    I’m done with Harper’s; it’s gone bizarrely inappropriate.

  8. It’s not just pictures!! Images are very powerful and it promotes incest and sex!!! Young impressionable look at these magazines and speaks volumes of our society. It’s just wrong!!!

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