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Sponsored Video: Camila Coelho’s Next Big Project

Have you ever wondered how to start your own business? What is the most important thing in taking that next step from idea to reality? Well, as beauty vlogger Camila Coelho shares in this Discover video, it’s about knowing your financial health. The Brazilian has over 1 million followers on Instagram and tons of subscribers on Youtube thanks to her makeup how-to videos. In the film, Coehlo admits that she would love to start her own makeup line–one that would balance high-end quality with affordable prices.

However, she says that it can be overwhelming to learn about all the facets of business such as investments, loans and credit card scores. In the video, Camila talks to Adina Grigore of the face care line S.W. Basics from Brooklyn, New York. Adina’s line makes all natural products for a sustainable side to the beauty industry. Adina reveals that with Discover IT card, Camila can see her FICO credit score for free monthly which is important when trying to get a loan for your business. Normally, getting your credit score costs money, but not with the Discover It card. This is just one less thing you have to worry about when trying to change the world with your company.

Now, that you have heard about Adina and Camilla’s business plans, what would be your business idea? From the beauty to technology industries, there is always room to bring new ideas to the marketplace and bring customers something unique.

This post has been sponsored by Discover, but concerns our own opinion.

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