Rihanna for Interview December 2010 by Mikael Jansson

Rihanna sports notable looks from the spring collections for the December cover shoot of Interview. Photographed by Mikael Jansson and outfitted by Ludivine Poiblanc, the pop sensation takes on designs from the likes of Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Jil Sander in Paris.

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  1. you can tell her legs have been photoshopped the poor girl is so fat in real life

    • Exactly. Sorry to say this, but she’s photoshopped as hell. Rihanna doesn’t have model legs, her thighs are a little bit fat. She is a NORMAL, pear-shaped girl. What a pity that “Interview” didn’t want to show Rihanna as a pretty woman that she is. No, they wanted A MODEL. So we can see photoshopped alien-doll, that doesn’t look like real Riri :/

    • Rihanna is fat in real life???? REALLY?? Who knew.

      Seek therapy lady, if Rihanna is fat to you. Psychological help is there. Anorexia is not a way of life.

    • i’m not even a fan of hers but you obviously don’t know what fat means :S

    • she really isnt fat in person.. i just saw her rehearse for the american music awards last month and she is so fit! i was amazed. so you guys are totally bullshitting right now ahah

    • rebelfashionjunkie?*~ Reply

      wtf just because she’s not 30 lbs doesn’t mean she’s fat ._.

  2. I don’t understand why people are being so critical. I mean, this editorial’s not good, but it’s not that bad either. Anyway, there’s a reason why modeling isn’t her day job.

    • So true. Shes doing this to PROMOTE HER NEW ALBUM, nothing else. She’s not a model NOR tries to be one.

  3. any idea who the plunge neck-lined red dress is designed by? with the awesome leather breast plate thang? i’d like to wear that.

  4. Someone said before that those Prada fur stoles are every and they’re right, Miucca knows how to take over the editorial world.

    • Cuz her designs, especially lately, are ridiculous, and no woman would wear it in real life. Everytime someone tried…especially celebrity, they were massacred by the critics.

  5. Who is she? I hate every look and the styling looks very cheap. I’d rather them get a beautiful white woman like Lindsay Lohan or Eniko Mihalik! I’m sorry but this black girl looks very uninspirated! I usually love Interview too but this is just bland and disturbing.

    • What the fuck? Lindsay Lohan? And referring to Rihanna as “this black girl” is just a tad racist, don’t you think…I agree with anon, hope this is a joke,

  6. i love it. if this was a model you’d be loving it too. don’t hate her success

  7. It’s an average shoot. There’s a few pictures that i like, but i’m really anoyed that they phoshopped her so much!

  8. I love her face, she’s super nice person too and loves fashion, I’d rathed she didn’t embrace the flowers but that’s the photographer who failed. I like the styling and makeup as well

  9. I really like it….. the photography, the styling, the model…. ::cowers in fear::

  10. Photoshopped to hell! She looks as skinny as Victoria Beckham here… which clearly, she is not in real life. I don’t think Rihanna has any qualms about her wide hips and curves, so why should any magazine?

    • Magazines photoshop women, skinny or curvy to DEATH, and they all look equally like aliens.

  11. okay kids, what have we learned today? DONT FUCKING ALWAYS LOOK IN THE CAMERA!

  12. Some of you really have a stick up your a$$ REALLY DEEP. Rihanna IS NOT A MODEL. She is clearly NOT trying to be one. Reason she is in the magazines and press, is to promote her new album LOUD which has rose and flowers theme throughout.

    For her, this is not half bad. If this was Freja or Abbey Lee, ALL of you would be worshiping it. FACT. So get over yourself.

  13. she looks great and the shoot is awesome. photoshopped or not. really people be nice, nasty is bad color

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