New Balance is Suing Karl Lagerfeld for “Knocking Off” Their Sneakers

new balance karl lagerfeld sue copy New Balance is Suing Karl Lagerfeld for Knocking Off Their Sneakers

COPIED? New Balance (left) accuses Karl Lagerfeld (right) of copying their sneaker style.

Sneaker Wars-Just as reports of Chanel powerhouse Karl Lagerfeld being tapped to join a collaborative effort for Louis Vuitton’s 160th anniversary, obtained court documents that athletic shoe wear designer New Balance is suing Karl Lagerfeld for creating a sneaker that is nearly identical to their trademark 574 black trainers for his own line. The two sneakers look very similar save for the capital letter “K” on Lagerfeld’s shoe and an “N” on the New Balance version which the brand says creates confusion. According to court documents, New Balance also indicated that their sneaker design has remained the same since the 1970s and cites fashion articles such as’s article titled, “Wait, Did Karl Lagerfeld Just Knock-Off New Balance Sneakers?” as evidence of trademark infringement.

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